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  • Adam, what can you tell us about how we got to this point?

  • How the deal get done?

  • Well, saves the cults and the Eagles were in discussions for the last three weeks, I think, really.

  • From the day after Jared Goff got traded from Los Angeles to Detroit and Matthew Stafford went from Detroit to Los Angeles, the talks heated up at that moment and really have been going on for 19 straight days, and they were at the brink of the deal the whole time.

  • But it was only until today that the Eagles finally signed off on the agreement that will send a third round pick this year to Philadelphia and a conditional second round pick next year that could become a first round pick in return to the Eagles from the Colts.

  • Each side gets what it wants, right?

  • Carson Wentz, wanted out of Philadelphia, did not want to be back there.

  • The Colts wanted Carson Wentz toe work with Frank Reich, their head coach, who was his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

  • Frank Reich is a Carson Wentz believer and the biggest proponent off this trade, and that's why the trade gets done because Frank Wright believes that he could salvage Carson.

  • Carson wanted out of Philadelphia.

  • The Eagles recognized they were better off moving on and getting the picks in return.

  • And that's exactly what unfolded here with the Eagles now obviously having to eat some dead cat money but not having to pay the roster bonus that's due next month of about $10 million.

  • So there are all sorts of implications, and it's a continuation of the off season quarterback movement that we've been expecting.

  • We've now seen the 1st and 2nd overall picks from the 2016 draft traded 19 days apart.

  • First Jared Goff, Now Carson Wentz whence has a new home.

  • The Eagles now have Jalen Hurts as their quarterback, but I think that they'll be looking to bring in competition of some sort.

  • I don't think they're automatically just gonna hand the job to Jalen hurts and say, You are the guy here moving forward.

  • I think that the Eagles will be looking.

  • They've got a lot of ammunition now built up with the extra picks on.

  • We'll continue to see the ripple effects of this trade that was agreed to just a short time ago.

  • Adam a lot to get to their.

  • We're gonna have Luis Riddick join us in a second as well.

  • But 19 straight days of talks back and forth.

  • That's almost three weeks.

  • What was the key?

  • The icing on the cake for everybody to give this the green light?

  • I think in the end.

  • Ultimately, the Eagles want to make sure they were getting as much as they could in return for Carson Wentz.

  • And they spoke to a number of teams, and the bearers were interested.

  • At one point in time.

  • Others checked in to see what the price would be for Carson Wentz.

  • But ultimately, the match that made the most sense was Carson Wentz in Indianapolis, and I think Matthew Stafford helped drive his trade the Los Angeles and I know what to say.

  • Carson Wentz did that here because it wasn't as forceful a Stafford Waas.

  • But in this particular case, I think Carson Wentz really did wanna wind up in Indianapolis working with a familiar comfortable face, and Frank Reich and Frank Reich wanted to go with Carson Wentz.

  • And I think this age.

  • The Colts looked at the quarterback landscape and surveyed all the quarterbacks out there.

  • And while they're giving up a future conditional second round pick that could become a first, they said, We believe that Carson Wentz is the best option that we can get on our team right now.

  • And so the Colts offer was what it waas and they were strong and they increased the offer, Uh, in the end.

  • But they felt like Carson Wentz was a natural fit in their offense on that team with that particular organization.

  • And now we'll see how that works out.

  • And once again, the Frank, Frank Reich angle is absolutely huge, the familiarity for both sides that's obviously going to play a big role.

  • I wanna ask you real quick about Jalen hurts, because the assumption, naturally would be okay.

  • They drafted him.

  • He's next in line.

  • He's their guy.

  • Should that not be what we're automatically assuming that he is the starting quarterback now for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Well, those are all true.

  • He is next in the line.

  • He is the starting quarterback.

  • But that does not preclude the Eagles from going out and seeking another quarterback to bring in to challenge.

  • Jalen hurts to compete with Jalen hurts again.

  • I don't think that they're just gonna hand this job to Jalen Hurts and say You are the guy.

  • And also this goes back to show you that they didn't hire their new head coach, Nick Sirianni, to fix Carson Wentz.

  • They hired Nick Syriana because they believed he was the best man for the job moving forward.

  • They didn't know which quarterback or quarterbacks he was going to be working with, but they knew there was a real chance that Carson Wentz was going to be traded from Philadelphia if the Eagles got the right offer.

  • And in the end, they made the determination that they did, getting a third round pick this year and a conditional second that could become a first in 2022.

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Adam, what can you tell us about how we got to this point?

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