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  • I'm David Jacoby.

  • He is Jalen Rose and you are watching us on YouTube.

  • We have exclusive content just for YouTube like this.

  • Jalen, I need you to school me on something, okay?

  • Because the Bucks have now lost four straight games.

  • Yana says It's not the end of the world, but it kind of starting to feel like that.

  • Explain to me why I don't like this Milwaukee Bucks team.

  • I can't root for them.

  • Well, first off, David Jacoby, you love Flash and Dash first won five championships and you never acknowledged them.

  • Utah Jazz got the best record in the NBA.

  • You don't care.

  • Here's what you don't like about the Bucks.

  • They're not exciting to watch.

  • They have no explosive athletes catching lobs.

  • Who's giving me killer crossover?

  • Chris Milton.

  • Excellent All star, eh?

  • NBA player.

  • Effective, efficient 50 40 90 kind of guy, not a high flyer.

  • Yanis.

  • He's Goliath seven footer coming through, dunking on everybody.

  • But other than that, they don't have the wings that are like giving me these changing ends of the floor type of place where you see like a 6768 guy get a steal and he hit it toe one guy, and he hit it back to that guy and they throw a lot of to each other.

  • They don't have that, and that's why they're struggling right now.

  • The teams that they're playing against Seymour athletic and seem a lot faster, then they are.

  • Look for them to try to make a move.

  • I think they see what I see in this squad.

  • Won't get it done, either.

  • It's a lot of Bryn Forbes, a lot of DiVincenzo.

  • Craig, you know, there's this so much of that that I saw.

  • This team is a championship contender just one season ago, but I don't see it this season, especially with the Eastern Conference getting better.

  • With the Brooklyn Nets adding a superstar trio.

  • Thank you so much for watching us here on YouTube.

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I'm David Jacoby.

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The Bucks are not exciting to watch - Jalen Rose on Giannis’ losing streak comments | Jalen & Jacoby

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