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  • Bailey, we still haven't made it. Something has to change.

  • Okay. What direction?

  • You're out.

  • -She's in. -What?

  • Hey, listen--

  • Aren't you from the nanny agency?

  • -No. -Dang!

  • -Any experience takin' care of kids? -No.

  • Have any experience lyin'? I do.

  • Hey y'all! Come meet our new nanny.

  • My truck died. My phone died.

  • I just need to use your phone. Hey, y'all.

  • And who might you be?

  • Oh, I'm Bailey. I was--

  • Our new nanny.

  • I think nanny number ten is a winner.

  • Ten nannies? What is wrong with y'all?

  • Our mama died two years ago.

  • I'm so sorry.

  • Well, I just want you to know I'm here now.

  • Well, who else is gonna take you?

  • No one!

  • I've never seen the kids respond to anybody like this.

  • Darlin', she's not a professional.

  • I look like hell.

  • Chloe, who taught you that word?

  • Not Bailey.

  • I'll go pack my things.

  • You're givin' me love advice from a TV show?

  • Of course.

  • Go on.

  • How many times she been there for us?

  • Remember that time

  • -you took me to a bar? -No.

  • Just like she saved my life in that tornado.

  • Yes! That's the sweetness I'm talking about.

  • Why can't you be more like her?

  • I understand you lost your mama and you needed a nanny.

  • I think this nanny needs you more than you need her.

  • Bailey, you are just about the worst nanny we've ever had.

  • I know.

  • But you've got a heart the size of Texas.

  • I know!

  • I can't picture our lives without her.

  • What's under there?

  • That's the last nine nannies.

  • You're kiddin', right?

Bailey, we still haven't made it. Something has to change.

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