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  • you could look into the camera.

  • This is for the jump.

  • If you could say it's a make or miss league, I'll be that okay, then you don't have to say it.

  • I appreciate it.

  • It's a make or miss league.

  • Look at that.

  • Make Miss Miss Humility.

  • Calves Clippers Pat Bev oysters shot from the corner and turns around before it goes in steps.

  • Style or LeBron style, Beverly said.

  • I need this bleep to go viral.

  • Clinton Yates.

  • Welcome to the show.

  • Do you like the confidence from Pat?

  • I love it.

  • I am the only person in this room that is once addressed this Patrick Beverley on national television for Halloween.

  • So everything he does I'm about way dio normal Normally normally, when you have to plead for something to go viral, it might not.

  • But that's a great shot by Ben.

  • Yeah, no doubt, No doubt.

  • Let's move on.

  • Make punctuality, death, taxes and dame time.

  • He did it again in crunch time versus the Mavs.

  • Matt has Dame entered the M V P discussion.

  • I think he's in the discussion every single year, you know, since he's entered the league, he's had 33 go ahead shots in the last meeting, including the playoffs.

  • He's definitely one of the best players and if not number one top two or three clutch players we have in the game.

  • George.

  • This is one of those things where how you define value is extremely important.

  • Of course, he's one of the most valuable players in the league.

  • But is he one of most outstanding?

  • Probably won't get that vote this season.

  • Alright, Next Miss Boxing Out Lakers Nuggets Shot is off here, and here comes Kalle Kuzma to clean it up.

  • Matt, how important will he be now that a D could be nursing an injury for a minute?

  • He's gonna be huge.

  • And he's been playing well of late, rebounding the ball on both in slashing, knocking down open shots.

  • Kyle Kuzma is gonna be a big part of them moving forward.

  • But there's a little unspoken tension or beef between Porter Jr and Kuzma that I've kind of picked up on, and I love it when they play against each other.

  • Okay, I was gonna say that That's not the Koosman we've seen a ton of.

  • If he's jumping on people's backs just to get buckets like that.

  • That's the Koosman you want out in Laker land for sure, for sure.

  • Next, make absolutely peach baskets.

  • This is from Friday night, but it's too good not to show again.

  • Look at this obscene ball movement by the Jazz in a big win over the Bucks.

  • So Clinton.

  • Is this what Dr Naysmith envisioned when he created the sport of basketball?

  • I don't think Dr Nations envision this level of disrespect.

  • All those passes came with supreme confidence, including that one responded straight across the key.

  • I can't believe they did that to him.

  • That put the game away from me.

  • It was amazing moment.

  • Ball movement is beautiful, and any time you could finish it with a maid shot, it makes it even better.

  • I love it.

  • I love it.

  • The Jazz are rolling now for sure.

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you could look into the camera.

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The Jump praises Kyle Kuzma and hints at his beef with Michael Porter Jr.

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