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  • the Eagles the worst quarterback situation in the NFC because there's a lot of fluidity there in that division.

  • Not anymore.

  • I mean, if Carson Wentz was still on the team, Yeah, because for some reason they were attached to this guy.

  • Maybe it was that awful contract, but he was undermining Jalen hurts.

  • Day of starts.

  • He was.

  • He was fracturing the locker room.

  • He was the worst starting quarterback in football all of last year until he was so bad, he was no longer a starter.

  • That's what happens to the last guy.

  • He's a backup and causing a problem.

  • But they're out of that now and we'll see what we have with Jalen hurts.

  • And whether they draft someone or sign someone bringing someone to compete, We'll see.

  • But I don't think you can call it the worst anymore.

  • We know that if Prescott if that Prescott is back with the Cowboys, that's the best.

  • But you can't say the Eagles are worse off than Washington for the New York football Giants.

  • Washington.

  • As of right now, there start is gonna be Hi, Nikki, who they signed to a backup contract.

  • You know why it's a backup quarterback level guide.

  • They're hoping you could maybe Beam or if they don't find someone better.

  • And the Giants are a congenitally conservative organization who drafted a quarterback.

  • But almost everyone considered it a reach at sixth overall in Daniel Jones, who showed some promise as a rookie was 18th and q b r is a rookie.

  • Hey, if he could figure, figure out his turnover problem and get a little better in certain areas, But he regressed, if anything, in his second year.

  • Certainly he didn't get better his 20th overall in Q B r.

  • And generally things were down.

  • His completion percentage barely nudged up.

  • Far fewer touchdowns, more interceptions, a worse touch of much worse touchdown interception ratio and generally just didn't show.

  • You know, year to was supposed to be the development year.

  • He certainly did not show that.

  • And yet the Giants, when if you ask around the league, they ain't planning on moving on from Daniel Jones, that's their guy.

  • So the fact that they are that way and they're kind of reflexively conservative about this, he we're going to stick with Daniel Jones.

  • Think about how long it took him to get rid of Eli after it was clear that he was cooked means the Giants could have a worse quarterback situation.

  • If Jones continues to do what he's doing, which is not show growth, Washington could also have a worse quarterback situation.

  • I don't look at High Nikki or Jones and say those guys, they're gonna be better than hurts.

  • I don't know.

  • But I do know that Philadelphia is out of the woods with the Carson Wentz situation, and that automatically means that they don't automatically have the worst Q B situation in the NFC East.

  • I think they dio.

  • First of all, they only got one quarterback and this guy the only completed 52% of his passes.

  • I like Jalen hurts.

  • I like the potential, but we don't know if he's ready yet.

  • That's number one number two.

  • I mean, we don't know about their coach and what he's going to bring to the table as well.

  • Doug Peterson is no longer there on.

  • They've got a rookie head coach, so we'll see what he does.

  • Number three.

  • I look at a situation when I think about the rest of the NFC.

  • I like Taylor.

  • Hannah G.

  • I mean, I only know I know.

  • I only saw him one game, but you throw for 306 yards in a playoff game against Tampa's defense, led by Todd Bowles and those boys I'm gonna have respect for you.

  • And I'm not gonna be a prisoner of the moment per se.

  • But I did see potential.

  • I did see moxie, and as far as I'm concerned, if you're dealing with toughest circumstances, although people get back and they watch film and they study you a little bit better and you don't catch them by surprise, that still was a tough situation for him to be in and for him to show up and play the way that he played, albeit for one game.

  • Hell, that was more than Dwayne Haskins did in two years in the nation's capital.

  • So I'm looking at it from that perspective.

  • I'm also looking at the return of Alex Smith potentially on.

  • I'm saying, Excuse me, you've got some veteran leadership and you've got stability there with Ron Rivera is your coach.

  • Dallas is Dallas.

  • We understand that, but that Prescott is expected to come back, and Andy Dalton was a starter in the NFL for years in Cincinnati before he ended up in Dallas.

  • So that's not a God awful situation if they fixed sum of the parts around them.

  • You look at the New York Giants with Daniel Jones not impressed.

  • I get all of that.

  • But say Kwan, Barkley wasn't there.

  • You know what receivers did you have?

  • I mean, and even though we're looking at Joe Judge, we saw a lot of promise.

  • We saw a level of stability.

  • We saw them improving each and every single game.

  • We saw him suffering through some injuries, so there was some inconsistent here.

  • He was in and he was out, etcetera.

  • I think the jury is still out on Daniel Jones.

  • All I'm trying to say is that Jalen Hurts can end up proving all of us wrong, and I hope that is I'm rooting for the brother.

  • But at this particular moment in time, with the $33 million in debt cap space for the Philadelphia Eagles, with the with the exit of Carson Wentz and having Onley, Jalen hurts toe rely upon and having a new coach in tow in play there and what have you?

  • I'm just looking at in the same.

  • It's a tough situation for anybody to deal with, let alone a quarterback in just a second year in the National Football League.

  • I think at this particular moment in time, it is plausible to look at the Philadelphia Eagles to say they have the worst quarterback situation of anybody in the NFC East.

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the Eagles the worst quarterback situation in the NFC because there's a lot of fluidity there in that division.

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Do the Eagles have the worst QB situation in the NFC East? | First Take

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