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  • NASA has just successfully landed its most ambitious ever mission to Mars.

  • After a seven month journey through space, the rover called perseverance, survived a perilous high speed plunge through the Martian atmosphere and made it safely onto the surface of the Red Planet, confirming its arrival an hour ago with a tweet.

  • These images, the first sent back within moments.

  • It's the most Advanced rover ever sent to another world, one that hopes to eventually return samples to Earth on its mission is to search for ancient life that may have existed billions of years ago.

  • Tonight's landing is all the more impressive given how much could have gone wrong.

  • Here's our science correspondent, Rebecca Morelle, on a warning.

  • Her report contains some flashing images.

  • Perseverance is going about one communist per second, a nerve wracking wait at Mission Control, then celebrations as a signal is received from Mars, it's touchdown for NASA's Perseverance Rover.

  • On these are its first images a view of its landing sites before it starts to explore.

  • The rovers even started tweeting to I'm safe on Mars.

  • Perseverance will get you anywhere.

  • What an amazing team, Um, toe work through all the adversity.

  • Um that goes and all the challenges that go with landing a rover on Mars, plus the challenges of co vid and Justin.

  • Amazing accomplishment.

  • It survived a fiendishly difficult landing burning through the atmosphere a 12,000 miles an hour before a complex landing system brought it down in an area with some of the oldest rocks on Mars.

  • It's amongst the most ancient crust on the surface of Mars, capturing that period of time between 3.5 and four billion years old, which isn't a period of time.

  • That's particularly well preserved in rocks here on Earth.

  • So we have a chance to find out about a period of the solar system that we've never studied before.

  • This mission is all about finding signs of life on the best place to do that is here the J zero crater.

  • Today it's dry and dusty, but billions of years ago it was a huge lake, and you can clearly see a river running into it.

  • This gives you an idea of what it would have looked like if we zoom in a bit mawr.

  • These green areas on the edge of the crater well, once beaches on the Lake Shore on the Hope is any microscopic creatures that once lived there are still preserved.

  • Perseverance is the most advanced rover that NASA's ever built, and it's jam packed with instruments.

  • It's robotic arm is equipped with a drill to collect rock samples.

  • So what forms of life could they contain?

  • I am not talking about Martian little green men.

  • Probably not even fish.

  • We're looking for microbial life.

  • Or maybe microbes that have made a little Matt or a slime sorts that you that you might find on the bottom of pond.

  • Those are the types of things that are likely toe well.

  • They did exist on Earth 3.5 billion years ago.

  • The question is, Did they exist on Mars at the bottom of lakes?

  • For the first time, NASA will also be testing a mini Mars helicopter to provide a new bird's eye view of the planet.

  • On Back on the ground, the rover will store some of the rocks.

  • A future mission will bring them back to Earth, and some will be heading to the UK These will be the most precious samples that we have on Earth, the most exciting on scientists around the world will be absolutely fighting and clamoring to study them.

  • Getting to the Red Planet is just the start.

  • Now the hard work begins.

  • This is Nasa's most ambitious mission on our best ever chance to know whether life ever existed on Mars.

  • Rebecca Morelle, BBC News.

NASA has just successfully landed its most ambitious ever mission to Mars.

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Mars rover begins search for alien life on Red Planet - BBC News

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