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  • Well, we are coming up on a year since the MBA shut down that night in Utah, the root of having an All Star Game like this, the root of everything we've done in this country in terms of coronavirus.

  • When you look back on how the MBA has weathered such a trying time for the whole country, what do you think of over this past year?

  • E think of enormous sacrifice on the part of so many, Um, and you know, of course, I'll begin with what we always refer to as the MBA family, first and foremost, the players, the coaches, the officials, the team staff.

  • I mean, those people who I mean, who lived in the bubble as you were down there for a long period of time.

  • I mean, for the Lakers ultimately won the championship.

  • I understand, of course, LeBron's reaction, having spent three full months in the bubble into his credit.

  • You know, I was down there for for a portion of it as well, never complained.

  • Their team never complained, and and there were very few complaints at the end of day because the guys understood this is what it took to work and I think, and then we got through that.

  • Then we collectively made a decision with the Players Association that there was no way that this community could live in a bubble over eight months or so.

  • Way Way decided that we would play in home arenas.

  • Extent, we could, um, you know, you know, dealing with local health officials.

  • We now have 10 10 arenas or so that allow limited numbers of fans.

  • But there was also a recognition that even if we could play in home arenas that we were gonna have toe create a protocol that referred to essentially his work quarantine, meaning You go to work and you go home, you go to work and you go home.

  • And that's very tough on everybody involved.

  • And so you know, again that there's been constant sacrifices throughout.

  • But at the same time, you know, we, the league office, working with the Players Association and directly with the players, are always trying to balance thes health and safety issues against economic issues and call.

  • Call them lifestyle issues, and part of the lifestyle issue is the isolation that comes, of course, from the worst case scenario is being in a bubble.

  • But even there's a fair amount of isolation for this so called work quarantine protocol.

  • A lot of our young players don't have families.

  • They're living alone.

  • Some players who are playing in cities where their families don't live made decisions not to relocate their families because this was best for everyone, for whatever reason.

  • So there's a fair amount of isolation and it's not lost on me.

  • I mean, you look at the national statistics among young people, you know, in terms of how people have been impacted by the pandemic.

  • It seems like the mental health issues are worse among the young cohort, 18 to 24 year olds, or so you know, people and young people in their twenties, which of course, comprise a large portion of our league.

  • There's all these issues that we're trying to factor, and so you know, at the end of that, it's him also enormously proud of this community and from you know, the governors of the teams on down, it's been enormous, you know, group effort.

  • At the same time, teams air competing toe win and and that's one of things also, that I feel really good about Because, as you'll recall another one of the criticisms of continuing the season last year, restarting it was that it was gonna be a so called Asterix season.

  • And once we got through the bubble and had complete, you know, four around seven game Siri's in the playoffs into the finals.

  • I haven't heard a single person suggested, you know, my joke was the Lakers should gotten two trophies.

  • Absolutely well.

  • This league has remained a joy to cover Adam all these years.

  • Our crew is very grateful.

  • All of our fans out there are very grateful.

  • And thank you for joining us today.

  • We appreciate it.

  • Yeah, And thank you again to you and all your focus on five years.

  • Quite incredible.

Well, we are coming up on a year since the MBA shut down that night in Utah, the root of having an All Star Game like this, the root of everything we've done in this country in terms of coronavirus.

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