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  • I'm a hostage on duh.

  • This villa has been converted into a jail.

  • All the windows are barred shut.

  • I can't open any window.

  • Newly released footage purports to show a daughter of the ruler of Dubai held against her will in what she describes as a villa converted into a jail.

  • I've been by myself solitary confinement.

  • UM, no access to medical help, Um no child or charge nothing.

  • Britain's BBC published the video on its Panorama News program Tuesday.

  • Reuters has been unable to independently verify when or where the video was recorded.

  • Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed al Maktoum made headlines in 2018 when she claimed she'd been abducted by her father.

  • Ah human rights group at the time, released video she made describing an attempt to escape Dubai by boat.

  • Um, well, basically, she asked me in summer 2000 and 17 if I would help her escape from goodbye.

  • Last year, one of her friends described harrowing abduction to Reuters.

  • The last time I saw her, yes, she was kicking and screaming, and she was tracked off the boat.

  • Shaka Latifah's mother, Princess Haya, is the former wife of Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in a legal battle last year, a London High Court judge accepted her allegation that the ruler ordered Latifah's abduction.

  • His lawyers rejected the allegations.

  • I'm a hostage.

  • The Free Latifah campaign, which has lobbied for her release, said it managed to smuggle a phone to her.

  • The Dubai government referred questions about the video to the rulers law firm, which did not respond to a request for comment.

I'm a hostage on duh.

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Dubai's Sheikha Latifa issues video from 'villa jail'

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