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  • We've talked a lot about plastic pollution in our oceans.

  • There are a number of companies working on edible containers.

  • Think bowls and spoons to cut down on that.

  • But at this point, anyway, they come at a price.

  • The edibles you're about to see cost 33 cents apiece if you buy them wholesale meaning in bulk.

  • Ah, phone bowl retails for about three cents.

  • But could the more expensive Option B both healthy and friendly to the environment?

  • The beaches of Cape Town, like many around the world, are littered with food containers like these.

  • This kind of waste bothered Georgina de Kock so much that she was inspired to come up with a product that would eliminated altogether.

  • It's cold Munch bowls.

  • When did you come up with the idea to come up with an edible plate?

  • It really started off thinking, You know what alternatives are there?

  • Because someone asked me to create something for them to hold carrying rice.

  • I wanted to make a wholesome product as well.

  • It's no use saving the world, and you give people food that is not good for them.

  • Yeah, no preservatives, no preservatives, I says.

  • How do you preserve this thing just now.

  • Why did you think of using that ingredient?

  • That's quite amazing.

  • I was at a talk show specifically on rebels on.

  • Then they mentioned it is actually a natural preservative.

  • And this was like, Wow, because I was looking for something.

  • Andi, I tasted that, and it actually does work.

  • Normally, these bowls are machine processed, but today, Georgina has prepared a few balls by hand.

  • How long can it stay like this without getting soggy?

  • And you're picking it up.

  • And they're being a total disaster and mess at least five hours.

  • Five hours and you can heat it up in the microwave.

  • To what?

  • Mm?

  • How did you come up?

  • How does that work?

  • Well, the experiment.

  • And then suddenly you get a surprise and it works.

  • Theme soup de jour.

  • Lentil warmed in the microwave.

  • But the ball is still crisp.

  • Goddio?

  • Yeah, it's pretty good.

  • Do you like it?

  • Ideo Much bowls come in different flavors for sweet and savory food.

  • And while this is not the only edible table weigh on the market, the company says they're in high demand.

  • But for innovations like Munch bowls to completely eliminate single use plastics they have to overcome.

  • One hurdle price is much more expensive than plastic.

  • I think eventually it'll become cheaper as we can produce more.

  • Now we don't have a problem with our export market.

  • They realize the need for this product and you know they are actually quite proud.

  • Thio be more green, equal friendly.

We've talked a lot about plastic pollution in our oceans.

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