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  • Yanis says something that the Jazz are the best team in the West.

  • Okay, I agree with them right now.

  • Do you?

  • Yes, yes, they are the best team in the league.

  • When you look at when you look at this Utah Jazz team, they're not lacking at anything.

  • Their top five defensively in every category, their top five offensively in every category.

  • And when you look at it, they have a young superstar daughter, Mitch.

  • I don't care what anyone says.

  • This guy's a superstar, and we watched the last year in the bubble.

  • But the thing that impressed me the most about Donovan Metric this season is his playmaking ability, and his and him being able to make guys around him better.

  • And when I say that, K G used to always say superstars take that next leak when they could make guys around them better and we're watching.

  • Donovan mentioned do that.

  • The Jazz have shooting.

  • They have Joe Ingles.

  • They have Bondo Novich.

  • They have once O Neill to me, who's the underrated player.

  • They have 1/6 Man of the year candidate who's leading the league and been scoring in Jordan Clarkson and then you have to defensive anchors that can anchor the middle.

  • You start off with the defense of Player of the Year guy in Rudy Gobert, who comes in and set the tone.

  • When he goes out, they come in with Derrick favors.

  • And that's not that he was dropped off because Derrick Favors has been playing phenomenal basketball this year.

  • Quin Snyder is a hell of a coach.

  • He been a hell of a college answers he had taken over the Utah Jazz.

  • I'm looking at them, man, and they are dangerous and they are one team that I could see that could be any team in the Western Conference.

  • Seven games.

  • Siri's think about this real quick.

  • They took the Denver Nuggets to seven games.

  • Jamal Murray had out of body experience.

  • I mean, he played outside of my 50 point games, you know?

  • It was closed.

  • It was down the stretch.

  • And the Utah Jazz were missing a guy that averaged 20 points a night for them by Donna bitch.

  • He wasn't even there s So when I'm looking at it, I'm like if they had by Donna bitch, they would have beat them for nuggets.

  • The Denver Nuggets went on to go to the Western Conference finals, where they didn't have enough to batter the Lakers, Obviously, but if it was the Utah Jazz, I think we would have been We would have saw a different story work.

  • Last thing for you.

  • Where do you think Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond land?

  • Here's the thing about Blake Griffin.

  • He's not that athletic.

  • Blake Griffin.

  • No more than that.

  • We used to see a lob City where he didn't put me on the post.

  • Okay, we all know that Blake Griffin has been dealing with injuries and he's a ball stop.

  • So with Blake Griffin, I don't think any teams really pursuing him in the trade market.

  • I don't see teams giving up a lot or giving up really much anything.

  • Toe a quiet Blake Griffin.

  • But I do see the Pistons buying him out, and maybe he hit the free agent market and teams take him off for the vet minimum.

  • I could see some contenders taking them off, but it won't be as a starter.

  • It would be a guy coming in as a role cliff.

  • So when I when I look at Blake Griffin, situation is completely different than Andre Charming.

  • Ah, lot of teams could use Andre Drama.

  • Right now, that's contentious.

  • You're looking at the Brooklyn Nets.

  • He will be a great addition to them.

  • With them, especially with them losing Jared Allen.

  • He will be a great addition to the Boston Celtics.

  • The anger, the defense, Hey, would be a great addition to the Toronto Raptors, who I believe will make the playoffs.

  • And the only thing that they're missing is the anchor in the defense of center like Andre Drummond.

  • Here's the thing with Andre Drummond.

  • Whatever team he goes to, he has to play.

  • His role has been a big man.

  • I don't want to see him handling the ball and trying to cross people over and do euro steps and all that.

  • That's not the game that teams need him to play.

  • He needs to be a dynamic role, which he's capable of doing.

  • Ah, live three guys, the rim, which he's capable of doing and anchoring the defense, meaning grabbing rebounds, being a hell of a pick and roll the fielder and being a rim protector.

  • So Andre Drummond is gonna end up on the Contender.

  • I could see teams giving up AH lot of assets and pieces to acquire him, especially those teams dealer in the Eastern Conference right now.

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Yanis says something that the Jazz are the best team in the West.

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