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  • I am awake.

  • It is important that all living things animals plants on people work alongside each other to make a happy and healthy planet.

  • This is our ecosystem on Spiders are a very important part of that.

  • Spiders are expert hunters and predators, which means they hunt and eat small in saints.

  • Some spiders can spend amazing webs to catch flies, while others hunt for insects.

  • Using their speed theory.

  • Eat lots of insects that can destroy crops, which could become food for people.

  • They also kill lots of insects that could carry diseases which harm humans like mosquitoes.

  • The more mosquitoes that spiders eat, the fewer there are flying around.

  • Spiders are like little superheroes catching those food stealing in sex and the Web's helping to keep us healthy on helping to balance our ecosystem.

  • Yeah.

I am awake.

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Facts about Spiders | Ferne & Rory's Teeny Tiny Creatures | CBeebies

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