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  • in in rural India there is a man who did the impossible using this made up basic ambulance.

  • And in the middle of Corbyn 19, he saved 1000 other lives.

  • E Tyra thing Who is he?

  • Why is he doing this?

  • And how could this farmer afford to build?

  • Ah hospital thin This small village in India, I found caramel.

  • Hi, I am caramel.

  • Everyone call me Years ago, caramels Mother fell really sick, so sick that he had to find a way to get her to a hospital.

  • But he lives far, far away.

  • And in these remote villages, there are no hospitals.

  • So he went door to door asking for help.

  • But nobody could find help.

  • What are they supposed to do?

  • The next morning, his mother died.

  • My was Vince was around Joe Hart.

  • A few months later, his friend got bit by a snake and caramel knew he could not lose another life.

  • So without wasting any time, he put his friend on his bike, tied him to his back and road 50 kilometers to the hospital, and saved his life.

  • Eg by Loki s.

  • So he decided to turn his motorbike into a made up ambulance.

  • Hey!

  • Started bringing sick people to the hospital on his small bike for free day by day, one by one, he made his way over rivers through bad traffic and rough roads were even an ambulance couldn't go a Z.

  • He saved Mawr and Mawr lives The same people who made fun of him in the beginning now called him for help and he became their hero.

  • But Carrie Mul didn't stop there.

  • He learned first aid training, organized health camps and even had his bike fitted with a waterproof stretcher so that patients have a more comfortable life.

  • Pretty soon he was all over the news and people donated from all around the world.

  • And this is the best part.

  • He saved up so much money from donations that he ended up building an entire free hospital.

  • That's right.

  • This man who came from nothing who knew nothing about medicine is now building his own hospital in the very remote areas that need hospitals.

  • And when the pandemic hit, carry more, carried Covic patients to the hospital and also carried dead bodies to the graveyard with no other ambulance would can think caramel went from being a took took driver to saving lives and building hospitals.

  • This'll guy is the reason humanity is beautiful my way.

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in in rural India there is a man who did the impossible using this made up basic ambulance.

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