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  • Hi, um, I’m taking a community survey. Umare your parents home?

  • 7 problems anyone with a baby-face will understand.

  • Bouncers are your ultimate enemy.

  • I can’t accept this. It’s fake.

  • But it’s me. This is me.

  • Yeah, thank you. Next please.

  • I…but this is what I got when I…You're not honest.

  • Everyone assumes you're the intern.

  • Hey Zack. Hi.

  • Would you mind making 12 copies of this? Great, thanks. No I…..(sigh)

  • And the coffee’s running low.

  • Constant culture shock.

  • (movie)It’s got everything. Blah blah.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen itwhen I was in theaters.

  • Wait, how old are you?

  • You overcompensate to seem your age.

  • Hello. I’m an adult.

  • Hello, nice to meet you, sir.

  • Kids in the Twitter. Am I right? Don’t ask me.

  • Dating your own age is nearly impossible.

  • Ay baby, looks like we need a date for prom. Ahhhhhh...

  • You know I was thinking, um, you know, you and I, we should grab a drink sometime. Maybe.

  • Youre so cute. Thanks. What

  • Getting this comment EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Oh, youre gonna be great for look like that when youre 40.Trust me.

  • Well, that will be great when you get older you know. Youre like wrong age. Yeah, yeah, I heard that a lot.

  • Youll keep distinguishing like a fine wine, like Clooney!

  • Good genes, right? I…hopefully I think so.

  • But luckily, you're not alone.

  • Hey. Hey.

  • See the new guy? Yeah, total baby-face.

  • I know, I’m so glad I don’t look like that. Tell me about it.

  • Hey. Oh hey. How’s it going?

  • Welcome to office. Welcome, and youll love it here.(sigh)

  • Any weekend plans? Nothing.

  • I was at the Ralph's so they carded me. Am I? It’s nice to feel young.

Hi, um, I’m taking a community survey. Umare your parents home?

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7 Problems Anyone With A Baby-Face Will Understand

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    Daniel Chin posted on 2014/07/18
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