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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • In previous videos, we explored voicing and Fricka tive sounds.

  • But in today's video, we will examine what happens when these two ideas cross paths.

  • If you haven't seen those videos, here is a quick reminder.

  • Voicing refers to movement of the vocal chords.

  • A sound is voiced.

  • If your vocal cords move when you make a sound, a sound is voiceless.

  • If your vocal cords do not move when you make a sound Africa tive czar sounds that involve a partial obstruction of the Airstream, for example, sounds such as and are Fricka.

  • Tibbs.

  • How do Fricka Tibbs connect with voicing?

  • You might ask.

  • There are eight Fricka tive sounds in English for our voiced.

  • The other four are voiceless.

  • They are Mm mm Mm hmm.

  • Let's explore each of these in detail.

  • Our first two sounds involve the bottom lip and upper teeth is voiceless.

  • I don't feel my vocal cords move.

  • Mm is a voiced sound.

  • I feel my vocal cords.

  • Move now.

  • Let's continue with Fricka.

  • Tibbs, made with the tongue between the teeth, is voiceless.

  • Mhm, he is voiced, and then we have frigate of sounds made with the tip of the tongue and the area at the top of your mouth not far behind your front teeth is voiceless is is voiced.

  • And finally we have Frick it of sounds made with the tongue and the top and middle part of your mouth.

  • His voiceless mm is voiced.

  • You should test yourself with all of these sounds that we have explored today.

  • When you make a sound, do you feel your vocal cords?

  • Move.

  • If it is a voiced sound, but you don't feel your vocal cords moving, then you might need to practice more with the sound.

  • That's all for today.

  • Keep up the good work, Yeah.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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How to Pronounce: Fricatives and Voicing

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