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  • leaders of a group of five West African suhel nations are meeting in chat to discuss the security situation in the region.

  • French President Emmanuel Macron on German Foreign Minister High comas will also participate via video link.

  • Now The so called G five countries off the Sahel include Chad as well as Mauritania, Mali in E.

  • J on the booking office.

  • So Germany and the EU have invested billions in development on military aid, but much of the region remains unstable.

  • Many countries are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks and there are widespread allegations of negligence against governments in the region that led to a sense of frustration at the on going mission due to its high costs on lower returns.

  • Me, this is not just a school, it's an international investment.

  • To help Burkina Fasso and its neighboring countries become safe and self sustaining.

  • With a well educated population, school is important for work.

  • But many schools in the region have been overwhelmed by waves of internally displaced refugees.

  • Violence has driven more than two million people from their homes and the humanitarian response has been overstretched.

  • The U as well as France and Germany have also poured large sums into military training, but with often disappointing results.

  • In Mali, resource is have gone into building up the capital, Bamako, leaving outlying areas at risk.

  • The problem.

  • The problem with terrorism is when the state gives up on entire regions.

  • If they operate in a populous area that's completely neglected by the state, it becomes a long term security problem.

  • The stakes of getting it right are high for people here, but not just for them.

  • Dunkers piece in the Sahara is vital for the whole world, but if the protective wall of the hell breaks, it will come to you in Europe.

  • This week's summit is meant to make sure that Wall doesn't break double from orders.

  • I am now joined by Najah Lee Bakayoko, African Security Sector Network chair in Parry, France.

  • Hello and welcome to the program.

  • Another year, another Suhel conference.

  • But has there been any progress in the region since last year?

  • Summit?

  • It all depends on which perspective we consider the situation.

  • In fact, there has bean a lot off victories which have been claimed by the coalition made of friends, Bark and Operation and G five, sire forces eso a lot off a victory at the tactical level, but at the strategical level, we can see that in fact, the situation has been worsening, in particular as regards the situation off the civilian population themselves.

  • Exactly because the starts proved that things are getting worse in just over a year from about 500,000 displaced, there's about two million displaced now, so clearly there's more room for improvement now do G five countries and France have the same motivations in addressing the problem?

  • I don't know.

  • Is that the same motivation It's normal for next year will know partner to have its own interest on for local partner to have their own agenda.

  • What is clear is that the reading off the situation is not necessarily the same on both sides.

  • For instance, France is eager to continue fighting terrorism and to neutralize as many as Judy combatants as possible on the side of salient countries.

  • Our differences and it is in particular interesting to focus on the position from Malian authorities, which have been asking to open dialogue and discussion with some uh, jihadi leaders, such as the suggesting uh the suggesting leaders.

  • And also there have been a change in the position off looking FSO, which also eager toe enter in a dialogue with some jihadi groups.

  • So that seems to be exactly the problem.

  • Usually, there are so many players on the ground as the U.

  • S.

  • The U N G five Can there be a concerted effort, a unified effort to bring peace to the region?

  • There is a radio concentrated and more, uh, in fact, after the posts, um, it it has been decided to pull out its feet New coalition, which is the coalition at a national policy and in fact can effort that Cuba Special Forces operation efforts and G if I say force efforts are all means to be coordinated in the fretwork off this operation.

  • But we can see that the problem is that the situation is getting more and more complex first, because it is expanding beyond the salient countries to the coastal countries, but also because we can see there are a lot off groups which are responsible for violence is in the region and in fact, is that the coalition is not able to address all those stakeholders on the ground.

  • Okay, so I briefly, before you go 30 seconds.

  • You mentioned how complex the whole situation is becoming.

  • Is there a possible homegrown solution that can better deal with the social crisis?

  • I think it is absolutely necessary to have local approach to the conflict to be backed and supported by the international partners.

  • It can definitely in my view, not be the country.

  • Local solutions decided by Sahelian countries themselves must be at the center off the solution in my view.

  • Okay.

  • Nigel Bakayoko, African Security Sector Network chair in Paris, France Thank you for your time.

leaders of a group of five West African suhel nations are meeting in chat to discuss the security situation in the region.

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2 million people internally displaced: How to stabilize Africa's Sahel region? | DW News

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