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  • the front seven that sacked Rogers and Mahomes a combined eight times in the playoffs.

  • Three of them are open to sign, including shock Barrett, who played on the franchise tag last year offensively, big time wideouts Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin and, of course, Brady's best friend, Rob Gronkowski, are all in need of new contract.

  • So last week, when his Internet was better, Jeff Darlington floated this idea here on, Get up.

  • These guys have been close for a number of years and have expressed to each other the desire and eventual wish to play together.

  • But look, the question is, when it really comes down to it, is Chris Godwin going to take perhaps less money if they're not willing to give them upwards of 20 million?

  • If those things go down, I could certainly see them pursuing a guy like Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Who I guarantee you, Tom Brady would love to be throwing passes to.

  • So Jeff said that last week.

  • Then Jake Trotter, who covers the Browns for us an NFL nation, posted this over the weekend talking about players that might need a change of scenery, and he mentioned O.

  • B J, saying he's shown he still has tremendous talent, but with the Browns thriving without him offensively down the stretch, it might make sense for both him and the team to find a trade at some point down the line.

  • So, Marcus, let me come to you on this year.

  • Mike Ellis.

  • You guys, as Odell is.

  • I know you know him well and all of that.

  • And it is not a criticism to say that it might just not be a good fit with him in the Cleveland Browns, and it might be a great fit with him and Tom Brady in Tampa.

  • How do you like it?

  • I like it a lot, G.

  • And let me tell you, it's two reasons I like it.

  • One.

  • I think he needs to get out of Cleveland.

  • I think Cleveland has proven that they want to thrive in a more wholesome offensive setting where everybody is involved.

  • We saw them have a lot of success and people talk about.

  • Baker is better without O B J, his numbers and all of that.

  • But I think this offense opened up MAWR with the fan ski and Baker and allowing other guys to get involved.

  • So That's the Cleveland part.

  • The Tampa part is this O B.

  • J with Tom Brady.

  • You kidding me?

  • And Mike Evans and I think O B.

  • J.

  • Needs this.

  • At this point of his career, he needs to be paired with Tom Brady or addition Watson or someone like that.

  • Think about think about Tom Brady.

  • Now let's put this in perspective.

  • Tom Brady.

  • New England went out and got Randy Moss.

  • They when they got Ochocinco.

  • They they've been doing this.

  • Tom Brady is used to bringing in high level, high skill talent, wide receivers and having success with Ochocinco didn't work out that well.

  • But we saw what is being with Randy.

  • My point being, If you put O b J in this environment in this setting with a veteran quarterback that he's going toe learn from, we saw letter for net game.

  • Step up.

  • We saw Grunt come back off retirement, have a lot of success.

  • We saw God would have a really good season.

  • Mike Evans had everybody's involved, and I think 12 does that for people.

  • O.

  • B J would be well suited in Tampa, and maybe God went for O b J.

  • That God was a free agent.

  • So one of the pieces in this is 24 year old Chris Godwin might get a fortune of money someplace.

  • And if he goes, oh, BJ slides in It might be a really nice fit.

  • Jeff Saturday.

  • What do you think?

  • Yeah, listen, Tom Brady is the wide receiver whisperer, right?

  • I mean, and swag.

  • You just made reference to how many guys they have brought in and what he's done for wide receiver careers.

  • And here's what he does best.

  • Think about Antonio Brown coming in the way that he brought him into the fold midway through the season this year and how it didn't upset the apple cart right.

  • That being kept smooth sailing if God would decides to leave and move on o b j the demands that Brady puts on his teammates because of the success and credibility that he has in the locker room.

  • Everybody just finds fit right.

  • They understand their role, and they become the role players that teams can use Best O.

  • B.

  • J would be that type of receiver for him.

  • You bring him in.

  • Hey, here's a role you're gonna play.

  • Antonio Brown's got this Mike Evans has this.

  • Gronk has this, right?

  • I mean, just keep placing them down the line.

  • You saw the way for net found form in Tampa Bay as the year progressed.

  • That's the greatest part about having Tom Brady is.

  • It's not an emergency.

  • You will watch them, them progress and get better as the season goes on and and he just rise the wave as they get there as they get closer and closer the playoffs and potentially Super Bowl.

  • I think it's a fantastic fit for him, and I think it would serve his career that being O.

  • B J so well to get under a guy like Tom Brady for the leadership that he presents.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the front seven that sacked Rogers and Mahomes a combined eight times in the playoffs.

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