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  • I think what's happening in the NFL is because of all the rules changes favoring the quarterback elite quarterbacks, not just any quarterback, but elite quarterbacks who really make a difference have the kind of leverage now because they have such an effect on the fortunes of a franchise that NBA stars have.

  • They've never had it until this point, but I think they do now.

  • Brady just showed it.

  • Shawn Watson, Russell Wilson starting to make some noise, guys who can really affect the fortunes of the team.

  • It's gonna be hard to keep them if they don't want to stay.

  • And considering Adam Schefter last week said 18 is the over under 18 for teams with new quarterbacks and he takes the over.

  • It's hard to like the musical chairs has just barely begun, and I don't think the Shawn Watson is gonna be left without a seat.

  • I don't trust the Houston Texans.

  • I think there's reason for worry because I think that the Sean Watson's desire, strong desire to get the hell out of the organization transcends what's transpiring on the football field.

  • I think it's a locker room issue.

  • I think it's a culture issue I think it's a culture issue that descends from upstairs.

  • Andi.

  • As a result, he doesn't want anything to do with this organization any longer.

  • Uh, this was he's had multiple reasons.

  • He could have complained about Bill O Brien.

  • He could have complained about Romeo Coronel.

  • He could have complained about DeAndre Hopkins.

  • He could have complained about ah, lot of different things that may have transpired that he did not like.

  • But the timing of this speaks volumes and year.

  • You could say that the last draw was DeAndre Hopkins and him finding out about it.

  • Um, but not from the organization, At least immediately upon DeAndre Hopkins being traded, you could bring up all of those things.

  • But the reality is, is that the way he is acting and how dark and silent he has gone?

  • Um, I think it speaks toe something that has transpired between him and the organization, how he has been treated.

  • Andi, I think that when you talk about the coaching search and things of that nature, uh, you know, hiring a black coach who's 65 years of age, been in the league for 27 years, and David Cully, who clearly wasn't the number one candidate for the job, but all of a sudden you bring him on board clearly in an effort to appease to Shawn Watson.

  • I think it speaks to something greater than just football that's going on within that organization.

  • And that's why the Shawn Watson going once out and to me, any organization that will cause those kind of problems.

  • It wouldn't surprise me at all if they're truculent and and and defiant enough to say, The hell with what you want.

  • We run this showing.

  • We're not going to capitulate to your demands.

  • I think that's entirely plausible.

  • I don't think of the last, but I definitely think that's the position that they're taking right now.

  • You know, guys, I'm not.

  • I'm not Actually I'm not worried about the Shawn Watson as far as it relates to the Houston, Texas, because I look a look at the Houston Texans and a lot of these sports franchises.

  • They care about the PR, the PR noise, the PR battle and you.

  • When you look at the Houston Texans over the last several months, they've just been getting badder than view and and abused as far as the PR is concerned from, you know, from the whole Jack Easterby.

  • You know, his ascension to power and all the power struggles within the organization from Key Personal.

  • And I'm not even talking about guys on the field.

  • I'm talking about support staff, people that were working with that organization for a long time that are highly thought about thought off that have left that organization.

  • And so when you look at the two sides, you have an organization that's in disarray.

  • And then you have the Shawn Watson, whose then the model of consistency, not only on the field with his play and being a top five quarterback, but all the philanthropic things that he does off the field.

  • I mean, there is not a character blemish as relates to do Shawn Watson.

  • So if you're the Houston, Texas, do you really want to force this man's hand?

  • Because let it be, Let it let us be clear.

  • He is adamant about getting out of this out of this organization.

  • Do you want to force?

  • This man had to the point where he would literally sit out, sit out a year.

  • How is that helping the Houston Texans move on because the Sean it is one of two things.

  • Either the Shawn Watson is going to get traded or the Shawn Watson.

  • You know, just being the person that we know him to be, would sit out.

  • He would sit out because this is a This is a dude that has principles.

  • He would sit out a whole year than rather than go play for the Houston, Texas real quick Stephen, and then I'll throw it to you to close it out.

  • Let me just say I don't I think what the Texans air doing right now is is it's a little bit of a James Harden situation we saw with Rockets, but I think what the Texans they're doing is the Sean goes public.

  • Hey, I want out now.

  • Teams aren't gonna make their best offer because you know he's gotta be traded.

  • So the Texans air sitting there.

  • Stafford is to first in the third with golf.

  • We want three first, at least for the Sean, and I think what they're doing now is posturing so that they'll get the best offer from other teams.

  • Stephen A.

  • Yeah, I don't disagree with you there.

  • I would also tell you, you know, facetiously speaking, because I like for Tita in Houston with the Rockets.

  • And I appreciate the fact that he hired Stephen Silas.

  • But I would say, you know what?

  • You the city of Houston, You h town in the state with no state income taxes.

  • I mean, my Lord, and the two biggest stars who happened to be black don't want to be there.

  • Mm.

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I think what's happening in the NFL is because of all the rules changes favoring the quarterback elite quarterbacks, not just any quarterback, but elite quarterbacks who really make a difference have the kind of leverage now because they have such an effect on the fortunes of a franchise that NBA stars have.

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