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  • I've got big news about a small clawed otter.

  • So cute, right?

  • Let's look closer with me.

  • Mira, The Asian small clawed otter is found in the wilds throughout Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

  • Take a look at them.

  • They're having so much fun.

  • The Asian small clod otter is the smallest of all the otters, and I think it's the cutest.

  • Let's look closer at their feet.

  • Do you see the tiny cloth?

  • That's what they're named after.

  • Otter.

  • Spend time in the water and on land, kind of like another animal I know well.

  • Some types of mongoose do the same thing to help water swim there.

  • Back feet have skin between the toes that's called webbed feet.

  • It's just like what ducks have.

  • Can you say wept?

  • Nice.

  • When Asian small clod otters search for food underwater, they can hold their breath for a long time.

  • Thes otters have two different kinds of for to keep them warm and dry.

  • One is close to their skin and is the soft and warm kind, and the other is like a raincoat, which helps the water slide right off, quickly drying them right after a swim.

  • Asian small clawed otters swim on their sides and on their backs and even do flips underwater.

  • And they also make lots of noise.

  • Is this is how they talk to other otters?

  • You want to try it with me?

  • Great.

  • Here's a chirp.

  • Sure, sure, sure.

  • And this one's a buzz.

  • It looks and sounds like being an honor is amazing.

  • So I'll see you next time when we look closer at more Disney animals.

  • Let's hear it for me, Rob Royal Detective Me around me, around me, around me, around me, around me Hey, everything.

I've got big news about a small clawed otter.

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