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what's wrong with your face baby
with those teeth when you're through
there'll be no dust left to bite
newsflash, kid
this is show business
show some class when you dress
shave that bush off your lips
your band's named Queen huh?
ain't that sweet
you dance like you rode
a bicycle race with no seat
that's what's wrong with you people
you'll do anything to get famous
you changed your name to Mercury
you should've been Freddie Uranus
you think I haven't
heard those things before?
you're just a bully
who's too scared to go to war
you had a hit song called My Way
but someone else wrote it
you're the least talented rat
in your whole pack of rodents
you've got four notes in your whole range
you can't act and you can't dance
I'm more powerful than you
when I'm wearing women's pants
why do you stand there in a suit?
it's like you're trying to bore me
when I rock the UK
South America gets horny
because my songs have balls
they're the anthems of victory
your music is like the
soundtrack to a vasectomy
you're in the pocket of the mafia
and everybody knows
Guinea dago
Guinea dago?
Guinea dago Figaro
easy jaws of life
I can't stand a racist
I love the coloreds and the queers
just ask Sammy Davis
look we all wanna swing baby
but you took it too far
you played butthole roulette
and you lost the draw
I took one for both teams
from a disease no one knew existed
I didn't leave a mark on history
I French kissed it
I'm a champion of the world
extinguished in his prime
so kiss my ass Frankie
but you'll have to wait in line
who won?
who's next?
you decide
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[TRANSLATED] Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

11913 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on July 17, 2014
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