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  • Obviously, that is a fun one to consider.

  • Bart, before I come to you and you're shaking hand, let me try and sell this a little bit more.

  • Jeremy Fallow.

  • The conversation really began with Chris Godwin being a free agent and being someone who is going to be heavily sought after he is a guy who might someone might throw $20 million a year of him.

  • If they do, the Buccaneers probably can't afford to bring him back.

  • That was where this conversation began, that if they lose Godwin long standing relationship between Brady and O.

  • B J comes into play.

  • What do you think of it?

  • Jeremy Fowler?

  • Well, from what I've heard, Chris Godwin is anticipating getting the franchise tag.

  • That's a real possibility.

  • So that would be one year around $15.5 million.

  • And that would probably take Odell Beckham off the table because they already have Mike Evans.

  • They gotta pay a bunch of defense of guys, but if they figure they can't make the money work for all their free agents, and then they eventually have to let God would go, that's when Beckham would make a ton of sense and it has shown that what Tom Brady wants Tom Brady gets.

  • He stumped for Antonio Brown.

  • He got him some other options in the fold.

  • Gronk everybody else getting the whole band back together.

  • Brady has gotten what he needed to succeed in Tampa.

  • So if he wants Beckham, that's something that would take a very hard look at now.

  • Why Bart Scott, Did you look skeptical when we brought this up?

  • Because, I mean, we all talk about how great and we know how great his talent is.

  • But he's always been a guy that kind of messes up the chemistry.

  • We saw that the Cleveland offense moved a lot smoother when he, when he was taken off the field when he got injured coming off of an injury.

  • I don't know if I'm going to sign him.

  • He's gonna want a commitment because he's still a relatively young guy.

  • I think that they already have The answer of Gotland walks away.

  • They have Antonio Brown, who knows that he doesn't have that many options.

  • Not too many people that's going to stand on the table for him at his advanced age.

  • That's gonna pay him that type of money, and I think they already have a natural replacement in Tyler Johnson.

  • You like Scotty Miller become a lot bigger because I think the reason that they were successful, the reason that they won that Super Bowl is because of the defense.

  • So they're gonna have to pay a guy like Lavonte David, who I think played a huge role and will continue to play a huge role in that organization.

  • I think they have to try and be able to keep Barrett.

  • That's more important than bringing in another luxury piece.

  • Should kill Bad pass rusher, obviously, in Lavonte David Superstar linebacker, Let me ask another linebacker here, Niko, what do you think?

  • Yeah, look, I agree with Bart Wine, and they, after they won the Super Bowl they talked about was Let's keep the band together.

  • We're keeping the band together.

  • So if you look at the O.

  • B J contract his base salary of what 14.5 million bucks moving forward in 21 that's that's a lot of money to spend on a guy who, after signing the $90 million contract, hasn't really been what he was before he signed that big deal and coming off in a C.

  • L injury, you're not even guaranteed to get back to where you were previous to your A c L injury.

  • I know I've torn my a c l.

  • It takes about two full seasons to feel like you're back 100%.

  • So you look at the roster right now and if they franchise God, when they keep him there, they didn't even have an off season.

  • So imagine that team with an off season and the chemistry that they've built and they're gonna continue to build.

  • I would keep them together as much as they can and spend the money on the defense.

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Obviously, that is a fun one to consider.

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