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I said next!
Why am I alive?
Cream cheese is cheese?
Wait, do you still want to know...
Avocado pit huge, why?
Okay, don't speak in these weird haikus.
How to tell if pregnant?
Oh boy.
How to tell if...
daughter is pregnant?
Local mosque, Seattle.
NSA, don't mind me.
How to pronounce Dogecoin?
According to Google Maps, there's a number of......
Can you please.....
Not blackmail.
Oh, excuse me.
No, come on in.
Today is Jackson Pollock's birthday,
So we're celebrating his particular style of painting.
Why fart smell?
One of the important painters of all time, and you want to know why fart smell.
So there you go.
Flight to Washington.
Bank transfer all money to Dogecoin, how?
Okay, glass, search "avoid being bullied for wearing Google glass."
Flight to Washington State.
I knew you made that mistake.
I think your F key is stuck!
Why Logitech shaped like an orange slice?
You're so wrong, dumbass!
We'll see.
Groundhogs Day or Groundhog Day?
Groundhog Day.
Haircut place, bald cut.
Terror pictures.
Oh, sorry, terrier pictures.
Hey man, let me do my job alright?
Fxxk you.
Can sue for screen door injured?
Where to buy pet Russian dolphin?
Why do my fart smell?
Going on camping, huh?
Tentacle Hentai
Oh come on!
Open for business everyone!
Come on in!It's awesome in here!
Soon, they'll come soon.
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If Google Was a Guy (Part 2)

7176 Folder Collection
Tina Cheng published on July 17, 2014    Tina Cheng translated    Laura Hung reviewed
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