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  • the Heat, continuing their way back from injury and a covert plague seven and 14 start.

  • But still, they're currently outside the East playing and during tonight's game with the Knicks.

  • So, George, the Heat do have roster flex flexibility.

  • They could pursue a trade if they need one.

  • There is no more.

  • Let's save it all the room for you honest this summer.

  • What should they do?

  • Should they make a deal or just stay the course now that they're healthier?

  • Well, Rachel, I do think they need to make a deal, but I do think that them getting back on track, right?

  • Jimmy Butler missing three weeks, Almost half the games is huge because guys were playing out of their roles.

  • And let's not forget Goran Dragic's just missed five games.

  • Band missed a couple of games.

  • There were a number of different guys that miss games either due to injury or covert protocols.

  • Jimmy being the guy who missed the most games, so when you had guys playing out of position playing out of their roles, that created ah, big problem for them and it's weird because they weren't really blown out in a lot of those games, which kind of goes to show you about their quote unquote culture that either people love or hate to hear about.

  • But nonetheless, I do think they need to make a move, whether that's a big move, like a Bradley Beal.

  • Sure, of course, but 29 teams want Bradley Beal.

  • Could they make a move for a Kyle Lowry?

  • If Toronto's a willing participant, that would make a lot of sense.

  • I think the Clippers will probably be in on that, too, and then they could be some small moves that they can make that is.

  • Young to me is having a really good season for a team that is not very good in the Chicago Bulls.

  • And I look at this heat team.

  • The one ingredient they're missing is a guy like Jae Crowder.

  • Well, I think that is.

  • Young is a more versatile, versatile version off Jae Crowder.

  • I actually think he's an even better fit than Jae Crowder was.

  • He's not as good a shooter per se, but it's not like Jae Crowder was Ray Allen when he got to the heat.

  • He just got really hot when he played for the heat.

  • So as good as Jay was.

  • As far as his skill set, I think that status brings even Mawr to the table.

  • So a small move like that could even help them get back into contention.

  • Yeah, I agree with you.

  • Tell you that if they make a small move, but you don't have to jump the gun so soon because these guys haven't been playing together your injury protocol, everything like that.

  • And think about this.

  • I was on the team that ended 66 is still one of NBA championships, So do not jump the gun because this team had a long season last season.

  • They had a short off season, so they might be a little tired.

  • They might be trying to get their speed of them, so don't jump the gun yet.

  • But if you do make a trade, make sure you do not give up any pieces because there's still a very good team that can get back to the NBA championship on.

  • And I agree I wouldn't jump the guns just just so quickly.

  • I would let things play out again.

  • There on Lee.

  • Five games from being 500 the Heat have enough talent that they could go on a nine or 10 game win the street Right now.

  • They're currently on the two game win, the street facing a pretty solid Knicks team, that I think that they could pull out a win tonight.

  • But I think they need to fix some things internally.

  • And one of those things is Kendrick Nunn.

  • When you look at the heat last year, throughout the whole regular season, we were talking about John Moran.

  • We were talking about Kendrick Nunn for his rookie of the years and I thought these last two games he has come into his own having 26 then I believe, having 15 or 13 as a starter, but shooting six from 11 from the field.

  • So getting those pieces and fix the problem internally, the heat, alright position.

  • I wouldn't panic just yet.

  • The only five games out and I feel like they could make up ground with the talent and they have the best coach in my opinion, in the game, the day and exposure they Eric.

  • What he has done there for years has been incredible and just sort of the regular confidence that he brings every player on that roster.

  • I will say there's a little bit of a habits thing in that The heat came from behind and one ah lot last year, especially in the playoffs.

  • And that was during games themselves came from behind in games.

  • But also, if you're a lower seed beating higher seeds, you are coming from behind in the bracket as well.

  • Well, they did that.

  • They were successful.

  • And the next season that leaves you thinking, Oh, we can do that.

  • So the good side of that is, they're confident during games, even when they're behind.

  • The bad side of that is that you let yourself fall behind because you think you can do it and they have let themselves fall behind in this season.

  • Overall, Ah, lot of it is not their fault.

  • They were hit so hard by coronavirus, but it will be interesting to see whether they really try to make up ground here or whether they're like, yeah, as long as we get into the playoffs and the playing game or whatever it is we know.

  • Look what we did last year.

  • We know what we could dio it is exhausting, and they found that in the finals to keep trying to play from behind.

  • Eventually, it catches up with you.

  • I'm interested to see what they dio.

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the Heat, continuing their way back from injury and a covert plague seven and 14 start.

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Should the Miami Heat stay the course or make a trade? | The Jump

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