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  • the Kremlin dissident Alexei Navalny, has been back in court today in Moscow, this time accused of defaming a World War two veteran.

  • He's already been sentenced to more than 2.5 years in prison in a separate case, a sentence that has sparked outrage and protests across the country.

  • But the Kremlin seems determined to put a stop to them.

  • In recent weeks, police have been targeting opposition activists across Russia.

  • Our Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, traveled more than 4000 miles east to the capital of Vladivostok to see how critics of the Kremlin there are being put under pressure something.

  • What do you find at the end of Russia, where the Pacific turns to ice?

  • This is at first, Russia here feels frozen in time, no hint of spring.

  • But in Vladivostok, there are signs that something is changing.

  • Last month, thousands here risked arrest to protest in support of jailed opposition leader Alexander.

  • By me, there were rallies across Russia, but there is no political four Kremlin calls the protests illegal, and it's cracking down.

  • A blogger, Gennady Sugar, had livestreamed one of the protests A few days ago.

  • Police raided his flat on pinned him to the floor.

  • A police video shows gin Ardis head over the dog bowl.

  • One night fell at the bar.

  • Uh, this'll show of force was meant to scare me and my wife.

  • Now the authorities air using that video to scare others by showing what happens to people who tell the truth.

  • So scientist Anton Ration, who's working on new cancer treatments, took part in the Vladivostok protests.

  • He, too, has been targeted by the police.

  • They broken toe my apartment's holding, laying on the floor like some criminal, and it was the rial, humiliated and infuriating.

  • This isn't just happening here in the Russian Far East.

  • In recent days, there have been reports of police raids and searches across the country, a sign of just how determined the authorities are to crush the protest movement in Moscow, Aleksei Navalny was back in the dock, accused of defaming a World War two veteran this month.

  • You've already been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in a fraud case widely seen as politically motivated.

  • The police raids on protesters is an attempt to cut Mr Navalny's support base by spreading fear it will send a chilling waves across everybody else who is in their early twenties.

  • Idealistic wants the war for Tim Navalny.

  • A lot of people will be scared a lot off.

  • Parents will insert a lot of pressure on their kids.

  • Do not join the movement.

  • There's something else the Kremlin is doing to try to undermine public support for protests.

  • It's telling Russians through the state media that Mr Navalny is an agent of the West and some people are believing it.

  • What way?

  • He's carrying out the West's instructions, Galina says.

  • Way all know it's the West pulling the finest strings, Julia tells me on.

  • As for the finally being poisoned, we probably poisoned himself.

  • Where is this taking Russia?

  • With blame The West The official narrative There's little chance of a thaw in relations with America and Europe.

  • Russia is facing the prospect of growing isolation.

the Kremlin dissident Alexei Navalny, has been back in court today in Moscow, this time accused of defaming a World War two veteran.

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