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  • there are limitless ways to build and create in Minecraft, and houses are no exception.

  • We'll cover a few creative ideas to build your home.

  • Used a clickable sections to skip to specific steps in the process.

  • First, find a spot you'd like to start your build at.

  • Ah, good way to start is to plot out the size of your house using the corner pillars.

  • We're going to use simple blocks for this build, so we'll use spruce logs for the pillars.

  • Mhm.

  • Now let's add a foundation made of cobblestone.

  • It's nice to use as many different blocks is possible to vary your build.

  • Mhm.

  • Let's switch to oak planks and build our walls.

  • And now we can add our front door and put in some windows using glass panes.

  • Yeah, now we can start on the floor with the floor in place.

  • Let's make the roof a common way of making roofs or any other signs.

  • That object in Minecraft is to use stairs.

  • Now that the shell of the house is complete, you can add more detail like a chimney and fireplace.

  • You can use a campfire for permanently burning flame.

  • Yeah, the next step is the bedroom.

  • Since this house has a high ceiling, we're going to make a loft.

  • We'll use oak for the loft floor and spruce fence for the supports.

  • Then police a letter to reach the room, plot down a bed, books and other details and add some lighting.

  • Yeah, let's move to the kitchen.

  • We could make a simple fridge by stacking a dispenser on any block, adding an iron door and finally a button.

  • We can also use a cauldron as a sink and use a couple of rails as a stovetop.

  • Let's go back outside now and add some oak leaves, lanterns and a path.

  • Yeah, okay, finish up the interior anyway you like, and you've got yourself a new Minecraft home.

there are limitless ways to build and create in Minecraft, and houses are no exception.

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