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  • my favorite player in the NBA.

  • Someone we have supported for months now.

  • Lemelle Oh, ball went toe work against the Rockets, hit seven threes and again ended up with a double double.

  • Jalen, what do you think of the mellow do work, nephew?

  • Everybody knows if you want Lemelle Oh, ball news and updates.

  • This is his parking spot.

  • This is his home court.

  • Big shout to my little brother, JJ Jermaine Jackson doing a terrific job working with the young fella.

  • You see that improved jump shot you Kobe, You seem to make seven threes in the game.

  • You see him getting triple doubles at his age already, And he was coming off the bench most of the season and he runs rookie of the month.

  • This dog, he's gonna be a superstar, man.

  • What did you What did you say?

  • A draft.

  • Everything GM that doesn't draft him and has the opportunity is going to regret it.

  • I'm sure they already do.

  • And that jump shot looks so good when seven threes go in.

  • But it doesn't always look great.

  • I watch the games on leave past sometimes he's gonna have 10 assists and somebody's gonna have some really ugly turnovers, but this man is under 20 years old.

  • The jump shots going to get better.

  • The turnovers gonna come down.

  • He does make rookie mistakes, but he does so much on the floor for this team.

  • And he also is part of one of my favorite nicknames in the N B A.

  • Right now, I wish I could take credit for this one.

  • When it goes from ball to Bridges, the duo is called Airbnb.

  • I love that one so much.

  • Jalen.

  • Kevin Garnett had a really interesting quote about intergenerational basketball.

  • Here's what the big ticket had to say about the players of today.

  • I don't think guys from 20 years ago could play in this game.

  • It's creative.

  • It's competitive.

  • It's South Sea.

  • You'll get dropped across you over and break your A C l.

  • These days this game is in a great place.

  • Jalen, you played 20 years ago.

  • What do you think about his statements on this cross?

  • Generational compares.

  • The game is in a great place.

  • It is always been in a great place.

  • And I agree with the big ticket.

  • Each time a generation happens, they're gonna look at the past generation and either overexaggerate why it was better or why it was worse.

  • So I have an iPhone right now, and I know it does a lot more than my sky pager than I had back in the day.

  • But when I Skype pager was out, it was that deal.

  • And so K G is right.

  • But also remember when he came out of high school and so many other players did, Elder statesman felt the same way.

  • These young players don't have what it takes, the have staying power in the league, and before you know it, guys like he and Kobe and Tracy McGrady going to be Hall of Famers and the league worked in reverse.

  • They made it so those guys couldn't come out at the high school anymore because Ti's had to protect themselves because they found themselves recruiting ninth graders looking at 10th graders trying to get them to come out after the draft.

  • And so the big ticket does have a point.

  • Players are more skilled, they're shooting with more range.

  • They're bigger, stronger, faster access to medicine, hyperbaric chambers and all of that.

  • But the one thing today's game does not have the K G embody that's physical intimidation that does not exist in today's game.

  • Let somebody make a shot on the big ticket and they wanna hit their chest or they wanna push to the ground.

  • He would have been so enthusiastic about that part.

  • Jalen.

  • We discussed this previously to the show, and we do think that your game would translate to this new generation because of your height and your ability to do many things with the basketball.

  • However, the champagne and campaigning would not translate.

  • You'd be on TMZ every morning.

  • That's the only problem with changing you on.

  • The court would be fine in today's game.

  • Champagne and campaign would be tough.

  • Interesting field goal attempt from Draymond Green at the end of the fourth quarter in a game against Spurs.

  • Let's just take a look at what Draymond tries to do with over eight seconds left in the game.

  • Boom.

  • Shooting from half court.

  • Your thoughts well, Draymond green is family, so I can't front If he shot it for full court.

  • There will be no Draymond green slander, but I will say this.

  • That's the smartest, dumb play that I've ever seen.

  • Quoting day day.

  • How about that?

  • That's exactly what he had to say about it, clearly trying to get a foul where there was no foul to get well.

  • We have a new New York Knickerbocker.

  • That's an old New York Knickerbockers.

  • You hit the brakes Now Derrick Rose's reunited with Tibbs and the MSG Faithful moving to the Knicks from your Pistons.

  • Do you think about the movie?

  • I'm happy for him because so many times you don't get what you want throughout this professional journey, and it seems that tips and rolls when you look back at the journey.

  • Got that?

  • Anytime.

  • Both of those guys got a chance to be with each other with three separate franchises.

  • While they're both in particular roles still playing at a high level, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

my favorite player in the NBA.

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