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  • Yeah, Duck by k d.

  • That was built.

  • Score.

  • Durant.

  • Goodnight.

  • The Kevin Durant Warriors era is defined by the deep range of emotions and produced over three star cross seasons.

  • Kevin Durant.

  • You know who I am?

  • The highs of watching the gifted scorer deliver back to back NBA championships and final's MVPs to the Bay Electric in front of there's a NBA champions again.

  • The lows came in the final year as uncertainty surrounding his upcoming free agency decision covered over everything.

  • Draymond Green said to Kevin Durant.

  • Essentially, you got 1 ft in 1 ft out.

  • You're not down with this team the way the rest of us are.

  • The fight with Draymond Green at Staples early in the 2018 19 season threatened to unravel the tight bond the group had built.

  • Now you are piling on me because I don't wanna talk to you grow up, three angry words directed at the media a few months later on Lee reinforced the idea that the proud sharpshooter was frustrated in his own surroundings, Unlikely headed elsewhere at season's end.

  • Last season, there was a lot of concern that Kevin Durant was going to walk away, then and they don't want to lose him in Golden State.

  • Despite all the ups and downs, Durant's teammates and coaches always understood how supremely talented he waas, and they always knew they were better with them than they were without.

  • That's what made the ending even tougher to handle slipping.

  • Grant goes down holding his leg when Durant tour is Achilles in Game five of the 2019 finals, the sadness within the organization was palpable.

  • Kevin headed.

  • It's an Achilles injury.

  • I don't no the extent of it, not only because they knew Durant's career would be altered, but also because the team understood it was the end of one of the most prolific eras in recent sports history.

  • Every dynasty comes to an end in some form or fashion.

  • As Durant returns to the bay for the first time against his former team.

  • He does.

  • So, is the Warriors continue trying to create a new identity without him, Even after missing over a year while rehabbing his injury, Durant is still playing in the game of Chase Center before Clay Thompson.

  • Stephan Curry is trying to replicate the connection he had with Durant in a new set of teammates.

  • It's looked bad.

  • I have no doubt we're gonna get a lot better.

  • But we have a lot of work ahead of us.

  • As it so often did during his time with the Warriors, Durant's presence is a reminder of the happiness his talent can bring out of those around him.

  • It also makes the organization wistful about what might have been if he had chosen to stay.

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Yeah, Duck by k d.

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