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  • one thing you and I both have in common is we both have famously beautiful hair.

  • And, um but mine has become very unkempt and ragged during the quarantine.

  • Yours looks beautiful.

  • And I understand that you're quite good at taking care of your own hair that you have.

  • You know, you're talented hairstylist.

  • Is that true?

  • A closet hairdresser?

  • That sounds wrong, but you know what I mean?

  • And throughout locked down, I designated hair cutter.

  • Not that that's the right phrase either.

  • But I had to use kitchen scissors because we didn't have proper scissors.

  • But I gave some pretty epic cuts to people.

  • And I've always cut my own fringe and bangs.

  • I should say I could do a bit of that with this is a wow.

  • I could do it.

  • Yeah, that thing.

  • When they twist it round and they go which they did, I've When I've grown my hair very long, um, they do that sometimes to give it a little twist at the bottom.

  • Lightness on the ends.

  • Yeah, the You know, I think it's a it takes a lot of trust toe.

  • Let someone, I mean, I don't even trust professionals to get near my hair.

  • But I would trust you.

  • You know, I I think I would trust you.

  • I feel like I know you.

  • Andi.

  • I would let you cut my hair someday if that were something you were interested in.

  • Well, how about when this whole shit show ends?

  • I could come and give you a cut.

  • Are you referring to my show or the court or the quarantine epidemic Wild on the covert restrictions when it's over, live on air Because you've now pledged that you would let me.

  • So I'm gonna hold you to it.

  • Yeah, I will.

  • I will fly to London, uh, to see you, because I think any man would I will fly to London to see you, and you will cut my hair will shoot it for the show and then, um, on.

  • Then I'll sue you, and we'll both be suing each other for a while and we'll be in the courts.

  • We could get them to fly us to an exotic location.

  • Yes, yes, yeah.

  • Haircut.

  • It's gonna be a straight down a lock down special.

  • I love that on Have a reality show and screw Ugg because we'll be making so much money that way.

  • E you know it will be.

  • It will be a version of Love Island only just where you where you cut my hair, you obviously there's absolutely no sexual tension.

  • I mean, there is on my part, but not on your part.

  • And it's It's a version of Love Island that isn't quite a saucy as love Island.

  • That's what we'll dio.

  • It would be quite Lady Macbeth.

  • I'll creep up with scissors a little talk to the day on.

  • It's just a southern island and one pair of scissors.

  • What will happen on then?

  • Ah lot of me in the confessional with ragged looking hair saying she did it again.

  • I was sleeping.

  • Sienna came in, she chunk.

  • She cut off a chunk on this side.

one thing you and I both have in common is we both have famously beautiful hair.

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Sienna Miller Promises To Cut Conan’s Hair - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/12
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