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  • Mike Tyson, Stephen A.

  • I don't know if the kids today understand was unbeatable.

  • He was the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

  • He was going to rain for 10 or 20 years.

  • No one could touch him.

  • Stephen A.

  • They had tohave the Buster Douglas fight in Japan, not because people weren't interested in Mike Tyson.

  • He was there with Michael.

  • Jordan is the most compelling athlete in the world.

  • It's because no one wanted to pay for a 92nd fight.

  • His fights were going 90 seconds.

  • They had to have it in Japan and Buster Douglas off 42 toe one underdog didn't just beat him, beat his breaks off, boxed him and knocked him out.

  • That was, to this day the most shocking upset in the history of sports.

  • I tell you this, uh, I feel so.

  • I think his wife was there when he knocked out Trevor Burbank.

  • I think Trevor Burbank's wife was there.

  • That I mean, that was that was really, really bad to see him getting up and keep falling back down and getting up and falling back down across the ring.

  • I mean, it was it was it was funny yet very, very scary all at the same time.

  • I would definitely say That's the greatest upset and, you know me being a boxing fan, not a boxing aficionados such as yourself with a boxing fan.

  • Um, I think about Iran.

  • Barkley knocking out Tommy the Hitman Hearns.

  • That was a shocker.

  • I think about Andy Ruiz beating Anthony Joshua.

  • That was a shocker.

  • I think about Oliver McCall knocking out Lennox Lewis.

  • I think about her seem Rockman knocking out Lennox Lewis.

  • There are true Ali Bey Informant wasn't up.

  • I mean, look, Foreman was Tyson before Taison in 74.

  • I mean, look, I think about that listing was forming before before forming that.

  • I mean, my God, Foreman was a monster, but I will say this to be a 40 to 1 underdog, um, definitely is a shocker from a numbers perspective, Max.

  • I get that could see that the attention, the spotlight and all of that stuff outside the ring was getting to him so much that you did find yourself wondering if anybody could take him past three or four rounds and make him actually have the box and fight to beat them.

  • They would have a chance, but it wasn't because of them.

  • It was because of him and how mentally gone.

  • He prepared.

  • You could see that as an analyst covering the sport, even though he was still an underdog, you could still see it.

  • That's the only question is still the greatest upset.

  • I don't have anything but a hold request, even a Yeah, but Buster Douglas Buster Douglas would show up fat and out of shape to fights, and he was talented.

  • But he's 42 to 1 like there's always reasons.

  • And another dog scores an upset.

  • And there were reasons there.

  • Buster was great on that night.

  • Tyson was distracted and everything.

  • But I can't think of like the miracle on Ice even and hockey goalie can stand on his head.

  • Something could happen.

  • But in boxing, when it's just two dudes and you really know what level they're fighting on, there's no other variables.

  • Have a 42 to 1 underdog thoroughly beat the champ.

  • I've never seen in any sport anything going to Tokyo, Buster Douglas.

  • Mother died.

  • He was in a different place, you know, you just saw some of it on the wall of the handwriting on the wall.

  • Tyson wasn't himself, but I got It's the greatest upset.

  • No question.

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Mike Tyson, Stephen A.

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Is Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson the biggest upset in sports history? | First Take

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