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  • What do the U.

  • K's national parks really look like to see what these landscapes are made up off?

  • Let's go on a walk.

  • Each second of the walk reveals 1% of our national parks.

  • Onda.

  • How they appear from above.

  • Are you ready for the U.

  • K's National parks?

  • In 100 seconds, The 1st 20 kinds of land are gone in a blink six seconds on.

  • 6% of our walk is through crops.

  • Pete Bugs are large stores of water and carbon onda, home to special wetland wildlife.

  • They cover 12% of our national parks way.

  • Next 14 seconds of our journey, we can get lost in the woods on for half that time.

  • We pass through coniferous forests.

  • Most have been planted by People Way.

  • Spend 15 seconds cross in natural and semi natural grasslands.

  • Scarce in the UK, they have the potential to provide homes for a rich variety of plants and animals way.

  • Explore heaths and moors for 22 seconds of our walk.

  • Step in over Heather, Bill Berry, cow berry and Crow berry plants.

  • Look carefully.

  • Can you see a deer or ahead?

  • Much of this land is managed for shooting birds through a combination of cutting, grazing on burning.

  • Large parts of our national parks are agricultural lands supporting the people, lively hoods and cultures that maintain the landscape.

  • Our final 24 seconds is through pastures which are mostly used for raring cows and sheep.

  • Our national parks were created to conserve and enhance their wildlife, beauty, heritage and use, therefore, all of us to enjoy, careful on benefit from so reflecting on what they look like on the challenges we face, what could we do to make the most of our national parks?

  • What do you think?

What do the U.

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UK National Parks in 100 Seconds | National Geographic

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