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  • There is none of bank someone be serious until Monday.

  • Meet Roger.

  • Who's clan has been on this land for just a little while.

  • Spirit 12.

  • Respect to the list.

  • Elemental way Way Pablo comes to remove Brita.

  • Kick it with Roger another old friends on toe work on a new supply chain.

  • He's connecting chefs in San Jose with free bree farmers so they can get more of this jungle grown produce into their restaurants.

  • A mussawar in a much soccer.

  • Hm.

  • Way recurring, huh?

  • Uh huh.

  • Uh huh.

  • Um, one of the most important parts of any trip to a Mukri is hanging in the kitchen with Yami No Mita and Dona Petra Car native Mila Yuka Almost all the cooking is done over fire and techniques are passed down from generation to generation commodity.

  • He Apprendi, can you go on a patrol from Cornell?

  • Um Noah, in concept you are no, simply in Paktika Economica is important for a lot of the countries that spirit clarity podcast Parliament as a spiritual being queen easily.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • So I took it.

  • Roger and his clan are considered guardians of this land and some of their O g farming practices air done without clearing fields.

  • He's been taking Pablo on hikes to check out some of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in and around the forest for years now.

  • So navigating is a breathe Nice.

  • Yes, This electrode tell us our more particular Elena.

  • I look more super Rico.

  • He turns this problem doing a Tanya Petra in Chicago.

  • He supports a plot to kill your brother.

  • Second said Jonathan Helmet Senti sell a more locust and cozy number.

  • Pablo brings that love and the flavors of a move back to Sequa, where he honors the recipes of his friend Dona Pit fast.

  • And I shot a lot Ramos he possessed to look.

  • There are exits.

  • Our so have captured one taquitos our home Hold up.

  • I didn't see Dona Petra using one of those esto when you loathe.

  • Yeah, Latina bangle Carlo, People on the road.

  • No.

  • Tell them what you can handle it, Mr Foreman, The sympathetic cause us Paula hospitals principios there comes a maintenance is struck, but who will be really super secret character.

  • But this chicken might not be so lucky.

There is none of bank someone be serious until Monday.

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