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  • Here's how to install months for Minecraft Java edition.

  • Use the clickable sections below to keep track of what step you're on in this video.

  • Before installing any mods, open up your mind craft launcher and launch the game with the version you're going to be installing the mods for.

  • Let's say you want to install mods for Minecraft 1.16 point five.

  • You need to select that version on the bottom left menu.

  • If on option for the version you want isn't displayed, you can go to the top here and select installations after that, select new and then go to version and select the version you're looking for.

  • Then click create, and that should create a new installation.

  • Click on play to go back to the main menu and make sure you've selected the correct version, then launched the game.

  • Once that's done, you can then quit the game.

  • Make sure that you have Java installed to install Java head over to java dot com.

  • Next, click download at the top of the page here, then click on agree and start free Download.

  • Next, you'll need to download Forge go to files down Minecraft forge dot net which will lead you to this page.

  • You can also find the link in the description down below.

  • And as you can see on the left, these air all the Minecraft versions you can install.

  • Forge four.

  • Select the microbe version of your choice.

  • Once you click on the version you want, you'll now have the option to download either the latest or recommended version of Forge for the version of Minecraft you have selected.

  • If the mods are installing, require a specific version of forage, then you can click down here on show all versions.

  • This will display all the versions of Forage for the version of Minecraft you have selected.

  • Now you'll need to click on installer to begin downloading Forge.

  • After downloading the file, double click it to open or you can right click it goto open with and then select java.

  • When this window pops up, make sure you have installed client selected and then click on OK.

  • You'll need to wait a few seconds for it to finish.

  • Installing another window should pop up saying that Ford has been successfully installed.

  • Now open up your mind craft launcher and select Forge on the bottom left menu, then launched a game.

  • A message may pop up, saying that this installation has been modified and might not support the latest player safety features.

  • Don't worry, this is completely normal.

  • If you're modifying the launcher, pressing okay and launching the game anyways will not cause any harm or changes.

  • As you can see once the game is launched, the menu looks a bit different, you know, have a mod stab available.

  • Once you click on mods, you can see it, says Minecraft, Along with the version you're playing on as well as Forge, you're newly installed.

  • Mods will also appear here on the bottom left, there's an option called Open Mods folder Clicking.

  • This will open the newly created Mods folder on your computer.

  • This is where you need to add your mode's.

  • Some older versions of Forge may not have the open Mods folder option.

  • If that's the case, you need to find the folder manually.

  • If you're on Windows, all you need to do is go over to the search bar on the bottom, left your desktop and then type percent opt out a percent and hit Enter.

  • After that, you'll use double click on dot Minecraft where you can find all the files related to your Minecraft game, including the Mods folder.

  • Mods can be downloaded from multiple websites.

  • It's always recommended that you install mods from well known and secure websites such as Curse Forge, Fine Craft Forum or Planet Minecraft.

  • You can find links to these sites in the description below.

  • Now download whichever mods you want and add them into your mouths folder.

  • Make sure all the mods you're adding to this folder are the same version as Forge.

  • For example, if you installed Forge from my crap on play 16.5, your mods need to be in that same version.

Here's how to install months for Minecraft Java edition.

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