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  • The thieves.

  • Central African Republic's most powerful rebel groups have formed an unlikely alliance against the government.

  • They've captured large parts of the country and threatening to take the capital, Bangui.

  • Nearly a quarter of a million people have been displaced by fighting since December.

  • Aid agencies warn they're struggling to help those affected.

  • This is what you need to know about the unfolding crisis in the c.

  • R.

  • This is a country already reeling from years off war and instability.

  • It all started in 2013, when a coalition off mostly Muslim armed groups called the Seleka marched on Bungie President Francois Bozize, a who took power in a coup 10 years earlier, was pushed out.

  • The Seleka was soon accused off brutality.

  • Shortly after the coup, mostly Christian militia groups called anti Balaka took up arms and the country descended into civil rule.

  • In 2014, the United Nations peacekeeping mission, called Minusca, was formed to stop the fighting, and eventually in 2019 and elected government led by Fallston, our Corn Toward Era signed a peace deal with the armed groups.

  • Now, in a surprising twist, some of the rival Christian and Muslim militia now find themselves allied against this government.

  • Deposed former president was is a is accused off, leading them, which he denies.

  • Days before current president Touadera sought re election in December, the new coalition launched a military campaign vowing to block the polls.

  • They have now taken over much off the country.

  • Control over gold and diamond mines allows them to maintain fighters and stay armed.

  • Elections did take place after Christmas, and President Ouattara won the vote.

  • But it's the people off the CIA yet again, paying the price as the men with guns fight for power.

  • Before this latest crisis, more than a million Central Africans were displaced by years off conflict on DNA.

  • Now over 70,000 people have boarded canoes crossing the Alabama River, which separates the CIA and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • You put a badly pity So, yeah, control off the CIA's capital is vital.

  • The rebels have tried to attack it, but have been repelled by coalition off U.

  • N peacekeepers, Russian soldiers and mercenaries.

  • A swell as Rwandan troops.

  • So their strategy now is to block food medicine on humanitarian aid from reaching Rongji, goods are disappearing from markets and shops.

  • Ah, kilogram off flower now costs $100 smooth.

  • When I was in the c.

  • R.

  • In 2018, the government was still trying to hammer out the final details off the peace deal.

  • But back then, like now, it doesn't have much authority over the country.

  • They could not enforce the agreement, and it seems to have quickly collapsed.

  • This is a story many hope can change.

  • Ah, country with vast natural wealth like gold and diamonds, but one where the people are tormented by endless conflict.

  • The armed groups and foreign interests, motivated by thes resources, continue toe win the day.

thank you.

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