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  • today is delivery day on tomorrow.

  • Vaccination against covered 19 is beginning across the European Union.

  • This was President of the European Commission Ursula Fonda lion, delivering good news on the 26th of December.

  • She hailed it as a touching moment of unity on the European success story.

  • But within a few weeks, the optimism had turned to confusion, anger and panic as the EU's vaccine rollout was plunged into crisis.

  • I got like many off you the news today that Pfizer announced delays.

  • AstraZeneca told the U on Friday it could not meet agreed supply targets to the end of March.

  • Vaccine rollouts in the European Union have been slow Aunt Fraught with problems compared with other countries.

  • The European Union asked AstraZeneca to divert supplies from the U.

  • K and now the companies must deliver.

  • They must honor their obligations.

  • By the first week of February, the U.

  • S had given first doses to 11% of its population.

  • According to our world in Data Britain almost 17% while the U countries put together just under four.

  • Why have you been so slow to vaccinate?

  • The EU is making more comprehensive checks on vaccines before approval which had already meant a slower rollout of shots than other countries such as Britain, which opted to use emergency powers to speed up the process.

  • Wait, our patient, known as the Nita Notes Hula song, and she the reason was Battalions March.

  • We have been friends Frances Stone, AstraZeneca circulation, even the old school and going Let's get enemy on for town.

  • Then, in January, US drugmaker Pfizer on Anglo Swedish AstraZeneca both announced supply cuts to the U.

  • AstraZeneca cited production problems at its Brussels plant, Onda 60% fall in supply.

  • There was an immediate public outcry across Europe.

  • Europe invested billions to help develop the world's first covered 19 vaccines, and now the companies must deliver because Battalion Butte instruction angry sets in London London.

  • Yet our not being able to ensure manufacturing capacity is against the letter on the spirit of our agreement.

  • AstraZeneca does also make vaccines in Germany and Britain.

  • But the British factories became closed off because London was using a clause in its contract that gave it priority overdoses made in the UK Public data showed Britain, freshly divorced from the U, was inoculating people at a much faster pace than any you country with every day that goes by, you can see that medicine is slowly getting the upper hand over the disease.

  • I think it would have been a great pity if we'd followed the advice of the leader of the opposition on the Labor Party who said stay in the EU vaccines program At one stage, the you even threatened to block vaccine exports, a move that would have been likely to hit Britons imports of vaccines from fighters Belgian plant But it went back on the threat but trust has been eroded.

  • Damage has been done on urgent action is therefore needed.

  • Doubt was beginning to be cast on the usability to enforce contracts it had agreed on behalf of its members.

  • A row erupted over a contract signed in August between AstraZeneca and the EU Commission.

  • AstraZeneca said it wasn't legally required to deliver doses to the U on a precise timeline because the contract only stated it would make its best efforts to deliver.

  • Meanwhile, worrying scenes across Europe as vaccination centers delayed or canceled appointments only pair.

  • Actually, the delays risk leaving millions in Europe unprotected deep in the winter.

  • Justus new more transmissible variants circulate and hospitals become overwhelmed.

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today is delivery day on tomorrow.

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