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  • Here's how to reset your Apple Watch.

  • If you need to reset your watch for any reason,

  • such as too many password attempts,

  • there are two ways to reset it.

  • One is through the Watch app,

  • and the other is using the watch itself.

  • Using your iPhone to unpair your Apple Watch

  • resets it to factory settings.

  • Your Apple Watch is automatically

  • backed up to the companion iPhone.

  • If your iPhone is set up to back up to iCloud,

  • the Apple Watch backup is included.

  • First, make sure to keep your iPhone and watch

  • close together during the unpairing process.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

  • At the top, select "All Watches."

  • Now, select the info button

  • next to the watch that you want to unpair.

  • Then select "Unpair Watch."

  • You may need to confirm the unpairing process

  • using your Apple ID password.

  • If your watch has successfully unpaired,

  • you'll see the "Start Pairing" message within the app.

  • Another option is to do a reset on the watch itself.

  • Open the watch's settings.

  • Next, choose "General."

  • Then scroll down and select "Reset."

  • And then click "Erase All Content and Settings."

  • Resetting on just the watch

  • does not remove the activation lock,

  • which means if it's lost or stolen

  • someone cannot connect it to their iPhone.

  • Activation lock is removed when unpairing via the iPhone,

  • but another option is to use iCloud.

  • Go to on your computer

  • and sign in with your iCloud information.

  • Go to "Find iPhone."

  • Select "All Devices" at the top of the map

  • and choose your Apple Watch.

  • Click "Erase Apple Watch."

  • Your Apple Watch should now be unpaired, reset,

  • and ready for use with a different iCloud account.

  • Check out our links in the description below

  • to learn how to pair your Apple Watch

  • and troubleshoot any problems with pairing.

  • We'd also love to know what questions you have,

  • so we can solve them.

  • Leave a comment below.

Here's how to reset your Apple Watch.

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How To Reset Apple Watch

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