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  • the man you're looking at does not paint with a brush.

  • Does not paint with a pen.

  • He paints with the type writer.

  • Hey, is one of very few people in the world that can do this.

  • Who is this guy?

  • How does he paint like this?

  • And if he makes a mistake, does he have to start all over again in the city off Bangalore, India.

  • I found this guy.

  • Hello.

  • I'm group O T.

  • I make art on Typewriter.

  • Many years ago, this guy was a banker who used his typewriter for work every day.

  • He would use it to write documents, letters, normal things you would find everywhere.

  • And in his free time, he would make drawings with normal tools like paints and brushes.

  • During my bank service, I was doing a lot off paintings and other art work until one day he was sitting in front of his typewriter when he had a crazy idea popped into his mind.

  • Why don't I use type letter or making artwork?

  • It was something so out of the ordinary.

  • No one had ever done it before.

  • And he wanted to be the first.

  • So he started typing a letter after letter he after key.

  • Before he knew it, his letters looked like a face, and his numbers looked like a picture.

  • Slowly but surely, he painted Robert Kennedy.

  • Yes, the president off the United States, that is Robert Kennedy.

  • After his assassination during 1968 this was my first to drink.

  • This type of art was so new to the world that everybody loved it.

  • His pictures got on the news, shared widely on social media and even on national television.

  • My ambition is todo drugs, which nobody can think of it.

  • That is my main goal, but this is harder than it looks on a traditional typewriter.

  • There is no backspace.

  • There is no erase button, so there is no way to fix your mistakes.

  • You have to paint perfectly on.

  • If he made a mistake, he would have to do it all over again and start from scratch.

  • It is very difficult toe draw on typewriter because when you insert the pepper into the carriage, you are able to see one little top portion on the bottom and all the area which is not visible, failing which it will result in failure So far, good bookie painted over 350 drawings like this thing, this and this.

  • And while no one cared about his paintings before, now everyone cares.

  • Even politicians and prime ministers asked him to draw their portrait.

  • If you develop any passion, you stick to it under always way after your passion, only under the concentrate and develop your passion till you succeed in your today Gura Morty has retired from his banking job and is focusing on being a typewriter artist full time, and he plans to go after the biggest prize off them all.

  • The Guinness Book Off World record.

  • There is no big idea here.

  • There is no big message here.

  • There is on Lee, a simple one.

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  • Thank you so much.

  • And I'll see you tomorrow for another video.

the man you're looking at does not paint with a brush.

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He Paints With A Typewriter?!

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