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  • Somalia is facing a leadership crisis after President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's first term in office ended with no clear path toward elections on Monday and alliance off opposition party said they would no longer recognize President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

  • The U.

  • N Security Council will meet to discuss Somalia's political crisis now.

  • The country was supposed to hold an election by Monday, but the February 8 deadline was missed.

  • AST The central government and federal states wobbled over how to conduct the vote.

  • There's a tense atmosphere in the country.

  • People in the capital Mogadishu, told us they are fearful off what could happen on.

  • People are concerned because of the tension between presidential candidates on the government on because the election was not held on time, way hope our leaders will resolve this tension on hold the election way hope the government and the opposition will come together and agree on the election process way need peace and stability in this country way.

  • We don't want destruction to happen in the country on.

  • We want a fair election to be held way, want both the opposition and the current government to work together for the good of the country a it.

  • If the politicians don't come to an understanding, it could lead to war.

  • Destruction it on the rising crime.

  • And I am now joined by Abdulaziz below.

  • He's a journalist in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

  • Good to have you on the program, Abdulaziz.

  • Why are leaders in Somalia failing to agree on how to conduct the election?

  • There's a number of setbacks that Somali leaders have been facing, one of which is that the election venues.

  • Because each countries, five regional states to election venues have been designated for elections to take place under.

  • That does not apply in the regional state off jubilant, that is the one that shares the border with neighboring Kenya.

  • Federal authorities are of the view that jubilant elections will can only take place in Kismayo on the Ghar Buhari.

  • But Gulbahar is not under the control of that regional state.

  • Off jubilant, it's under the control of the Somali federal government on the regional leader in that area, Ahmed Mohamed Islam argues that unless federal troops are pulled out off the entire gave the region, then elections cannot take place there.

  • So this is one of the biggest setback that has caused the election delay, and it's the one that made the talks that were taking place over and over again to collapse last Friday.

  • So there's also another setback that is the election off lawmakers from Somaliland region who was supposed to the elections supposed to take place in Mogadishu.

  • But there's no mechanism in place yet ready on how these elections will take place on.

  • There's also the issue of the composition off the electoral commission.

  • Because regional states are arguing that it is made up of the president's allies, ONT.

  • It might tilt in favor of the current president in terms of elections.

  • Okay.

  • In the meantime, the opposition are insisting that the president step down and that a transitional council be appointed to leave the country until the election is eventually held.

  • Is this likely to happen?

  • Well, that is, the opposition demands.

  • It issued an ultimatum saying that the president will hand over power to this Transitional National Council.

  • It has not yet been formed.

  • Authorities and including the president, in his address recently to parliament, said that talks can still take place between regional on federal leaders.

  • He did not true out that talks cannot happen.

  • Opposition are skeptical, saying that the current president Mohamed of the Life for Module is an obstacle to the implementation off the election itself.

  • It says that it needs a transitional national Council that will be headed by a group off individuals that include the speakers off the Somali parliament, the Somali Senate members of the opposition civil society.

  • Unless all these people are brought on board, the opposition is adamant that if the current president is left to coordinate the election process, then elections might never happen.

  • That is the biggest worry for now.

  • But it's not clear whether these Transitional National Council will even be formed because I were expecting talks toe continue in the next coming weeks, according to authorities.

  • Right.

  • We know that President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was running for a second term.

  • Um, what was his first term like and would he possibly have won re election with with major public support, exactly as you mentioned that the current president in 2017 came in amid triumph amid a happiness from the Somali public who are very eager for his presidency because in 2011 he was ousted as prime minister on the country, witnessed the mass demonstration, so many people were yearning for his leadership.

  • But over the years, things didn't turn out, as the Somali public expected.

  • In terms of security, for instance, they were deadly al Shabaab attacks that escalated time and again, including a deadly attack in September in October, rather 14 2017 that killed more than 600 people.

  • That is the deadliest attack ever take place in Somalia, and it happened on his watch.

  • But then again, in terms of economic reforms, financial progress, the rebuilding of the Somali security architecture, all these are some of his strong points.

  • And these are some of the issues that is going to erase in his campaign during the upcoming elections.

  • So many people, still yes on young for his leadership say that he deserves a second term.

  • But then there's the biggest challenge now that needs to be other.

  • That is the election, right?

  • That's Abdullah's it below talking to us from Mogadishu.

Somalia is facing a leadership crisis after President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's first term in office ended with no clear path toward elections on Monday and alliance off opposition party said they would no longer recognize President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

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