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  • Hello, Earthlings.

  • This is net.

  • The damn Cornelius today will be unboxing one of my favorite things in the universe.

  • What is it, Commander?

  • You'll see.

  • You'll see.

  • Cornelis don't want to spoil the surprise, do we?

  • All right, let me just try toe.

  • Okay?

  • Thing string is a little harder than I thought.

  • Let me just use another hand here and try toe man.

  • That's just really in there.

  • Let me just use another hand.

  • If I could says, Boom, brother, this is whoever I'm it.

  • Just use one more hand.

  • This is ridiculous.

  • Uh, what's in it, sir?

  • It's a Claude.

  • Oh, this cloud has all the newest features.

  • It's got all new incisors.

  • Perfect for chewing through all your cables and cords.

  • Can you talk a kind of this?

  • Claude also comes with a special accessory.

  • A nineties workout outfit.

  • Let's take a visco girl self.

  • Oh, and this is my favorite Claude feature.

  • It's beautiful hair.

  • Oh, it's the finest fluff you've ever seen.

  • It's always slightly covered in lint and never needs to be washed.

  • It's so beautiful.

  • Better than last year's model and at a cheaper price.

  • Well, that's the end of our unboxing Thanks for watching Unboxing on Earth to Ned, please comment.

  • Follow with your favorite feature and what you want us to unbox next.

Hello, Earthlings.

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