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  • I mean, baked ziti is a perfect tailgating food. Streets taught me this recipe.

  • What's going on, everybody? This is your boy Action Bronson, Doctor Baklava.

  • Welcome to The Hurry Up Kitchen, presented by Amazon Prime Video.

  • A simple tomato sauce and a simple pasta with cheese, sort of like an Italian macaroni and cheese, aka baked ziti, but just kicked up to notches unknown.

  • Shouts to my man, Emeril.

  • You know, with some Calabrian chilies.

  • We have the parmigiano reggiano of the red cow.

  • Just these little special things to say "I love you!" to yourself.

  • Get yourself a really good pasta.

  • We have some scamorza, which is a slightly aged mozzarella that just gives it a little bit of funk, as well as the east coast staple, the Polly-O whole milk mozzarella cheese.

  • This is the freshest oil that you could have until March. Jaén Spain, what a wonderful producer!

  • Garlic, black pepper, salt. Specifically from Sicily, then the finishing salt.

  • Right now we're just grading this beautiful scamorza, you know.

  • This is gonna add a little bit of funk, a little bit of depth.

  • One of those cheeses that melts really well.

  • The God of cheeses.

  • Perfect for melting.

  • Just working with cheese gets me crazy.

  • You want the bottom of the pan nice.

  • There's, like a little pool in there, like a little baby pond.

  • Get a nice sizzle.

  • Come on, sizzle, man. Sizzle

  • We got these beautiful tomatoes that are pureed.

  • You want to stir the pasta once you put it in for a couple of seconds, just so you make sure it doesn't stick.

  • You see how that garlic is getting brown?

  • I love brown garlicnot burnt, brown.

  • Kick it up nice and spiced, so it's gonna give it that little whoa, whoa, whoa.

  • Just be careful when you put the tomatoes into the oil because it will pop a little bit.

  • Just be careful. Keep that in mind.

  • Game day food is literally up in the air. You can make whatever.

  • I like to be—I like to come unorthodox with it. I don't like to do the same thing all the time.

  • This is something that, you know, like a grandmother would make.

  • Making pasta is something that I enjoy doing it.

  • I don't need to waste. Pasta goes directly into the sauce.

  • More black pepper to my liking, for sure.

  • Some more parmigiano from the bacarossa.

  • I like it cheesy. I like it crunchy cheesy.

  • Right into the Pyrex.

  • Get to start it with more cheese.

  • You see how I'm technique-ing it right here where I'm laying this cheese on the outer edge?

  • Yeah, I'm not stopping. I'm not stopping until the cheese is done.

  • It's like I'm doing squats.

  • I'm—I'm being shredded right now.

  • It's my quads. My quads are on fire right now!

  • I'm back. Now, we go directly into the 450 degree convection oven.

  • Let's leave it that way so we could see it.

  • Good thing we had that splash guard on the bottom.

  • You see? That's why you have that on the bottom.

  • Don't worry about a little smoke. What did it do to you?

  • Look at that.

  • I mean, the basil is basil. It's a herb. It's a beautiful thing.

  • It's a classic NFC West matchup.

  • 49ers have been amazing for years.

  • What I expect? I expect... I expect high velocity, explosive plays.

  • Look at that. Uh.

  • Right here I just like to finish it with some of that oil, you know.

  • Well I mean, to be honest with you, I love Richard Sherman, but D-Hop's out of his league.

  • I love you, Richard Sherman, but D-Hop is on another level of man from lots of people.

  • That's ridiculous. Get up in there.

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I mean, baked ziti is a perfect tailgating food. Streets taught me this recipe.

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