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  • We don't have 1000 seasons to play out to sea, to run perfect experiments, to see who was who.

  • This is pretty much as good as you could ask for.

  • Brady's on a new team.

  • Belichick's coaching without him.

  • And by the way, if anything, the coach has the advantage because when the coaches older, he should still be good.

  • Brady's 43.

  • So the answer.

  • Does this affect Belichick's legacy legacy?

  • The answer is yes.

  • He has to now win without Brady, he can't just Oh, that's a good coaching job.

  • He went 88 this season.

  • Nope.

  • He's got to make deep playoff runs.

  • He should win a ring without Brady before all is said and done.

  • Or his legacy the great debate.

  • Is it more Belichick or Brady?

  • Shockingly, to me will be won by those who said No, no, no, It was more Brady.

  • Yes, this is a big deal.

  • It's a big deal, but not for Bill Belichick, the coach.

  • I have no questions about Bill Belichick, the coach, because in the sport of football it takes more than just a quarterback toe.

  • When it as we learned last night, you consider what happened on defense, you consider what happens.

  • Special teams you haven't overseer that allocates responsibility.

  • The people, the people he picks to put in charge.

  • Uh, you know whether it's offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, defensive line coach, linebackers coach, quarterback coach, set, etcetera.

  • You're the head coach.

  • You oversee all of that.

  • And Bill Belichick is a six time champion, is a head coach.

  • A two time champion is a coordinator.

  • Ah, God has been toe 11 Super Bowls in his career.

  • I refused to insult that man by questioning the coach.

  • That is Bill Belichick, Bill Belichick.

  • The GM, however, is an entirely different conversation.

  • Um, you could have had uh, D k Metcalf for a J.

  • Brown instead of somebody like a, uh, like in to kill Harry.

  • You could have had a Damian Damian Harris, for example, who's been impressive instead of a Sony Michelle who can ball.

  • I'm not trying to knock Sony.

  • Michelle.

  • When you look at the quarterback position, forget to Jimmy Garoppolo deal because we understand that I'm sorry.

  • I think you go be present at this point in time.

  • In his career is better than Cam Newton.

  • You could have still had him somebody who was better, younger, fresher legs, not beating up Asian nutrition hadn't kicked in, and on top of it all, he was familiar with the New England system.

  • All of those things come into play, and when you don't have those things at your disposal because you've made a decision as a GM, that is bad enough.

  • But when it gets incredibly agreed to show is when, As I reported and I told you last year, Tom Brady would have stayed if he believed he was wanted by Bill Belichick, owner Robert Kraft would have found a way to make it happen if Bill Belichick has shown enough respect and enough affection for Tom Brady to let him know you're wanted your valued.

  • But that was not the case.

  • So Tom Brady was held been ongoing elsewhere to prove what his value was.

  • And when you listen to these guys on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speak about Tom Brady, it's not just guys on the offensive side of ball.

  • It wasn't just letting Fernet.

  • It wasn't just Antonio Brown.

  • You talk about shack, Barry, you talk about Devon White and other you talk about endowment ensue.

  • Who was interviewed by greeny this morning on Get up and you see you talk about the coach that is Bruce Arians, and you hear everybody collectively speak about the leadership ability of this dude and how he galvanizes everybody.

  • What you have is a coach who's also the GM in New England that selectively decided to ignore that component.

  • In other words, this is my program.

  • We're gonna do it my way.

  • The hell with all of that.

  • And when you do that to somebody that old who's produced for you and somehow you missed, you missed the leadership component that he brings to the team, and now he's able to squeeze out whatever somebody else has left in them.

  • Then you think about Gronk, who wanted to retire and was shivering on stage one day, talking about you have no idea what I was going through.

  • But now not only does he come back, shines in the Super Bowl but says he ain't thinking about retiring.

  • All of us having fun.

  • They look like that Brady, the GM is pretty darn good to keep brought back Leonard for all these players, all 31 points that were scored by the Bucks guys were all players that were not on the Bucks in 2019, who went seven and nine, they all came to play with Tom Brady.

  • But if you're an executive and your responsibility is to identify and then allocate responsibility to somebody else and you miss that, that's bad.

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We don't have 1000 seasons to play out to sea, to run perfect experiments, to see who was who.

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