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  • Hi! I'm going to share four

  • great phrasal verbs about clothes.

  • 'Put on'. This means

  • 'place clothes on your body'.

  • 'Oh, it's sunny today -

  • I'll put on my glasses.'

  • 'Try on'.

  • We use 'try on' when

  • we 'put on clothes for a

  • short time to see if they look

  • good and if they're the right size'.

  • We often try on clothes

  • or shoes in a shop

  • before we buy them.

  • 'I'm just trying on this hat,

  • but I think it's too small.'

  • Our next phrasal verb

  • is 'take off'.

  • This is the opposite of 'put on'.

  • It means 'remove clothes'.

  • 'Oops! I forgot to take off my hat.'

  • And finally, when you

  • take off your clothes you can

  • 'hang them up' This means

  • 'put them on a hook or a hanger'.

  • 'Hang your clothes up!

  • Don't leave them on the floor.'

  • One final thing to remember -

  • these phrasal verbs can all be

  • separated, so you can

  • 'put your clothes on'

  • or 'put on your clothes'.

Hi! I'm going to share four

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4 phrasal verbs for clothes and accessories - English In A Minute

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/08
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