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  • artificial intelligence has entered the sports arena.

  • Elite sportsman like seven time Grand Slam tennis champion Jamie Murray are introducing a I into their training programs.

  • This fitness device can reduce pain, improve muscle strength all while actually doing less exercise by tricking the body into amore effective workout.

  • Basically, it's like having a physiotherapist in your pocket.

  • C G B F.

  • R is the brainchild of young Scottish entrepreneur Alex Berks.

  • He's partnered with Jamie Murray and Great Britain sports governing body.

  • The technology, called the super G device, uses a technique that harnesses blood flow, restriction training principles or be fr.

  • The flow of blood to muscles is partially restricted by a pressurized cuff during exercise.

  • This creates the same conditions in the muscles as a high intensity workout.

  • I founded C G B F are following a traumatic knee break that resulted in two surgeries and 13 months of rehabilitation.

  • Yes, specifically, I broke my tibia toward my A.

  • C.

  • L did some significant damage to my meniscus on this part of my rehabilitation actually used VFR training but became super frustrated with how pretty existing equipment waas.

  • And to be honest, this just prompted me to go and developed my own system.

  • Jamie Murray and his partner Alejandra Murray, are among early investors in the company.

  • C G B F Ours partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association will see the device is assigned to players on tour to help reduce soreness on improve muscular performance, especially critical and returning to the sport after injury.

  • But the AI powered device wasn't just made with athletes in mind.

  • It adapts to a user's body and fitness off any level.

  • And Burke says the timing is key, with gyms and sports centers forced to close.

  • Typically, access to the equipment and treatments off professional athletes is very expensive and requires a knowledge of a professional physiotherapist to really be effective.

  • Suji devices overcoming these hurdles through the application of AI you know, sure, we developed and tested the device with professional athletes and physios, but it really is designed for use by anyone, regardless off athleticism or access to physios.

artificial intelligence has entered the sports arena.

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