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  • I am awake.

  • Oh, hello.

  • I'm Mr Tumble.

  • I was just giving tumble Ted the biggest bear hug ever.

  • Thank you.

  • Tumble, Ted.

  • You see, we can't hug everybody we might like to at the moment, and this could make me feel very sad.

  • But hugging tumble Ted makes me feel much better.

  • Head jog and taught us in tonight's bedtime story.

  • Have some mawr ideas for us.

  • It's called while we can't hug and it's written.

  • Bye.

  • Oh, in McLachlin with pictures by Polly Dunbar Head Shug and taught us We're the best of friends.

  • They wanted to give each other a great big hug.

  • Mm.

  • But they weren't allowed to touch.

  • Oh, don't worry, said Al.

  • To wit Thio.

  • There are lots of ways to show someone that you love.

  • Thumb head chug tried a wave that May taught a smile.

  • Tortoise made a funny face that made head shock Luff head choke wrote a letter and taught us wrote one bank on.

  • When taught us did a little dance head chug joined in too.

  • Head choke blew a kiss.

  • Oh, across the gap between them.

  • Oh taught us, saw it on court it and kept it on sent three back again Oh, oh, whoa ooh Taught us sang a song head choke play The long they both painted pictures Mhm So that everyone would know they were friends Through rain on dshaughnessy They could not touch They could not hug But they both knew that they were loved Mm mm It's important to remember everyone you love and show how much you care for them in lots of different ways You could even give your favorite teddy bear a huge hug for everyone you miss Stay safe, warm and cozy and I'll see you soon for another bedtime story Until then sweet dreams Watch more on BBC I player.

I am awake.

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