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  • Here's how you trade him.

  • Roadblocks usar clickable sections below To keep track of what step you're on during this tutorial.

  • To trade him roadblocks, you'll first need to be a premium member.

  • If you're not, you can purchase premium status by clicking the premium button from the main menu and then selecting a plan.

  • You'll also need limited collectibles in your inventory that you can trade.

  • If you don't have any tradable collectibles, you can acquire some by spending Roebuck's in the Avatar shop, you confined collectibles by clicking the collectibles menu and then selecting all collectibles to trade with a specific player.

  • Search for their user name in the search bar.

  • When you found the user you want to trade with, click their account towards the top right.

  • You'll see three blocks.

  • Click this icon and they'll bring up a drop down click the trade items button.

  • From there, you can see what limited items you and the other player have that could be traded.

  • Select what you're willing to trade and what you want from them.

  • Add any Roebuck's values.

  • If you also want to trade those if you do trade aim.

  • Roebuck's a 30% transaction fee will be removed if the deal goes through.

  • Once you're satisfied with your offer, click make offer.

  • You'll then be asked to confirm the trade before moving on.

  • From there, you'll have to wait to see if the other player except declines or has a counter offer.

  • To check your current incoming trade requests.

  • Click the trade button from here.

  • You can accept decline or counter trades.

  • E.

  • You'll receive any updates on a trade you're involved in inside the messages menu.

  • If you want to be able to see the value of items you or others air trading, you can use sites like Roll Iman's dot com to see a collectibles actual value.

  • You can also click on an item and check its price chart to see how it's prices fluctuated over time.

Here's how you trade him.

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B1 trade click menu button selecting offer

How To Trade In Roblox

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