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  • After the untimely demise of the Dreamcast, Nintendo and Sega called a truce and In 2002,

  • Sega re-released this game from the Dreamcast, marking the first Sonic game on Nintendo’s

  • GameCube, signaling the end of the bitter rivalry of two video game publishers. This

  • is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, on the Nintendo GameCube, a fun game with a good bit of variety,

  • though a few oddball things tossed in. Sonic Adventure 2 introduces us to two new

  • playable characters: Rouge the Bat, who’s a gem-obsessed government spy seeking the

  • Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow The Hedgehog, a creation of Dr. Eggman’s granddaddy who

  • touts himself as theUltimate Life Form.’ Everyone gets Shadow and Sonic confused during

  • this game and other games as well, and that always confused me. They look NOTHING, NOTHING

  • alike! You can choose which group of characters you’d

  • like to play as, choosing to save the world or conquer it, and once you complete both

  • stories, a final story to conclude the game becomes available. I always start with the

  • Dark story, since it’s fun being the bad guys.

  • With 6 characters to play as, Sonic Adventure 2 has to do a few things different to keep

  • things interesting. Sonic and Shadow have speed-focused action stages, which are probably

  • the most fun to play. Sonic and Shadow don’t have very many levels though, which is sad,

  • because just when youre finally getting into the gamethey hit you with the treasure

  • hunting stages for Knuckles and Rouge. which are just not fun at all, to me. The camera

  • in the whole game is a little wonky, but it’s downright frustrating in these levels as you

  • can probably tell here. You follow a radar to find keys and emeralds in these stages,

  • with vague hints to assist you. There are far worse levels in other games I’m sure,

  • but these levels just are not all that fun, theyre kind of boring.

  • Tails and Robotnik or Eggman or whatever his name is have the biggest difference in gameplay

  • from the other characters, walking around in giant mechs and shooting enemies in slower,

  • longer stages. These are pretty fun, since you get to blow up a ton of stuff and in some

  • cases, are more difficult than other levels and it’s pretty cool that this is the first

  • game we get to play as everyone’s favorite immature animal-hating mustache.

  • Every character has upgradeable gear that grants new abilities or firepower, and most

  • of the levels are pretty well detailed with cool stuff going in the background, like the

  • equipment in the space colony or the advertisements in the city. The 3D models for characters

  • are a little awkward in some cut scenes, like Shadow in this cutscene, but overall it’s

  • a decent looking game. Overall, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a fun

  • game with a good bit of variety in it, even if it has a bit of an oddball story about

  • Eggman’s revenge focused Grandfather, Shadow’s status as the Ultimate Life Form, and why

  • everyone can’t tell the damn difference between a blue and black hedgehog. There’s

  • also a pretty awesome soundtrack in my opinion, though I’m not a huge fan of the Knuckles

  • Rap for some of his stages. Sonic Adventure 2 is getting another re-release on PSN and

  • other services in widescreen HD later this year, and it’s a game worth looking into

  • if youre into Sonic, but just be ready to get used to different controls and gameplay

  • styles if you just got done playing the newer Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations.

After the untimely demise of the Dreamcast, Nintendo and Sega called a truce and In 2002,

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