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  • I'm like a bowler.

  • I miss read Craft Assad.

  • I've got it all about, um no hope.

  • Hope Comma do box.

  • Um ahem.

  • Karma Conchita.

  • Taliban rich McNamee pass Iraqi police is for medium care.

  • Grows and grows.

  • Harmonica value loses bottom.

  • Um alumina.

  • Uh, Rosa's your father's Rosa Combative local hamburger get from boredom.

  • Uh, Barbara Zifa Rose Aslan is a cinema card in Kabbalah.

  • Amla Misha for me.

  • Them, uh I wanna come last.

  • So that craft, uh, you're gonna call my I'm gonna marks edema.

  • Why?

  • I'm gonna host my book.

  • Uh, blossom sophomore fire maker and modern Michaud register as do the modern 101 But we have never for sure a diplomat.

  • Uh, the tower.

  • Yeah.

  • No, um, work out.

  • She a second.

  • Uh, Aerostar Hard only has four million brothers Mona following a number than Obama Top Jake Problem Mahoney, Mobuto Azinger, the hotel's most bushy Mohammed and gradually, the coach card in.

  • When we fell on, I'm sure didn't as they are in Kandahar.

  • Shawarma figure out.

  • Well, pull on Adam, you know, removing.

  • Look, get to both National missile Cavalcanti mo That church over that short diva Rihanna Kaepernick's another shrank bidoon Amara Masonic barrier between Muharram, Serena, Meat on Santa Monica Barratt kiddo, Boris Romo Take Nash is a red Tractors mean a billion Kamata Kamata bazaar.

  • Uh, zur Call it Madura Zohar Vector booth A safe Tory Be making a Yeah.

  • What a sweet my heart rose Maybe no hard does have a Sure.

  • No push.

  • I understand there's no machine.

  • Um Maduro's Dossena for her rose them for your money to some.

  • Misha, your tour mission.

  • My rendition Ousland hope Namibian.

  • I'm hoping maybe they were like, Oh, she's making a cautious making, uh, dina Moderate Hoda model of a condom.

  • I got mocked up on abortion.

  • Mommy Home act option version Hagar Parking abortion made from pork conversion.

  • Hagar's eso three Naivasha.

  • Miriam Hall inversion has just gotten version Will, uh bosom asshole.

I'm like a bowler.

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