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  • can you say Kazakhstan's disgraced former fourth best reporter?

  • Whoa, you are!

  • It's boy salt Medea, complete with disguises for any situation.

  • There was problem people make.

  • Recognize my face.

  • I would need disguises from prime videos.

  • Toybox comes the latest and most culturally relevant must have.

  • It's the same Borat you know, in love with all new subsequent movie film customizable disguises.

  • That's what else?

  • What is that stupid foreign reporter?

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you.

  • Have a good day.

  • Great success with these four customizable features.

  • Your boar red is sure to never be recognized again.

  • O a e o need to go to the calculator store.

  • Then you'll wanna go disguised.

  • It's this big nerd.

  • Please be quiet.

  • What?

  • This?

  • Uh, that's not what you're talking about A bit plus your own detachable magic calculator, complete with a tiny Brian trapped inside That's so neat.

  • Hello.

  • Goes with blue shirt.

  • Answer.

  • May you are demon.

  • Can anybody tell me who this man is?

  • It's boring.

  • Or should I say Professor Philip Drummond The third How much you think my daughter is worth?

  • You love making the professor dance the night away?

  • But can you find a suitor for his daughter before she's done her moon time.

  • Uh, you come and make whatever So foot tile on Look, it's country Steve.

  • You country Steve?

  • Yes.

  • On country Steve never leaves the house without his trusty onion necklace for catching ladies.

  • What is the one thing that is irresistible toe All teenage girls rock stars?

  • What is it?

  • Onions, onions, onions, onions.

  • Not to mention his very own guitar for singing those classic tunes.

  • Yeah, very nice.

  • Thank you.

  • Obama Waas a Trader America Behavior.

  • Hey, belong inside the jail.

  • I ain't lying.

  • It ain't no jokes.

  • Corona is a liberal hoax.

  • Corona is a liberal hawks Hay bales not included.

  • Mass skinny Borat.

  • We invent the mass skinny way our people are kept healthy with daily hygienic temperature checks.

  • Our fatality rate plummet to 92%.

  • Get yours now for only Theo Borat Borat disguised in America.

  • So he can't be found out before he could return Kazakhstan to her former glory collection.

  • Coming soon to the store near him.

  • And don't miss Borat.

  • Subsequent movie film now streaming on prime video.

  • Nice women are funny.

  • Your wife must have a sense of humor.

  • She's seen you naked.

  • Uh I don't like you.

  • Come back.

  • Do I call you or do I just commit a crime?

  • Probably committing a crime would get me to Ukraine, which is me and my most invited.

  • Thank you and good night.

can you say Kazakhstan's disgraced former fourth best reporter?

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Borat 2 Obvious Plant Action Figure Demo | Prime Video

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