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  • tell me about this new boy at the store.

  • Hey, what's your favorite song on this?

  • You don't know what love is.

  • I am not answering that.

  • Is he cute?

  • I didn't really notice that much.

  • My band's playing tonight at nine if you wanna see Oh, never met a girl who knows much about music.

  • Is Ugo in television?

  • Don't get me started using every episode of everything How was it?

  • He's extraordinary.

  • You don't have to go home But you can't stay here.

  • Can I walk?

  • You?

  • Life's too short to waste time on things you don't absolutely love.

  • But how do you know if you love something?

  • Absolutely.

  • E Guess when that's the only thing that matters.

  • E The band got off of the gig in Paris.

  • Come with us on tour.

  • I'm afraid I can't, but I think you very well could be the next John Coltrane.

  • What are you gonna be if this is WN 80 television talking about the assistant producer position?

  • Are you married?

  • Yes.

  • Hey, producers assistance.

  • Not the best job or a housewife.

  • Why should I hire you?

  • Because I didn't know that a Negro woman television producer even existed and all my life.

  • That is all I've ever wanted to be a spin off time since I felt that way.

  • Robert Sylvie, What are you doing in New York?

  • Recording an album.

  • So good to see you.

  • You too.

  • It's been away.

  • You're working.

  • You're not being a very good hostess.

  • And what will people say?

  • E can't be the woman of your dreams while also trying to be the woman of my own E guess I just wanted you to be happy even if I couldn't be a part of your life.

  • Pleasant experiences ahead.

  • Don't pass it up.

tell me about this new boy at the store.

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