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  • We have been living in the dark for the decays already.

  • And then we got help.

  • And now we are in the way.

  • Wait, the news Because we thought that you know, times have changed and a cool like this would have happened.

  • But we were wrong.

  • We were very proud off our young emerging democracy.

  • We thought the future was going to be bright.

  • This is just a nightmare for us.

  • We're very devastated and we feel like it's very helpless.

  • We were suffering that dictatorship or military region.

  • No access to quality education, No access Thio.

  • The country was isolated.

  • We were like living in a small box and we dare not to go and see what's going on outside.

  • We were living in poverty and we were living in fear for decades and decades already.

  • We don't want to face this anymore.

  • After the country opened up the most obvious thing, Waas were able to speak freely.

  • That wasn't the case during the military years.

  • Uh, back then we couldn't even we didn't even have the courage to mention on some cities name.

  • Let me say that our democracy was not a perfect one, but at least we were much freer than before.

  • There was so much hope.

  • I know so many young people educated in the West, coming back to serve the country to take part in this development.

  • Traveling was much easier traveling outside of the country for investors came in and were able to see so many developments in Yangon.

  • We don't accept this military coup.

  • I mean detaining our leaders and government officials.

  • We're trying to stay home and I'm trying to oppose in the right way civil disobedience stuff and white coating because we got lots off businesses and investments by them, uh, military and the people of Myanmar.

  • They have been actively protesting online.

  • So many people have changed their profile pictures.

  • President Biden's Facebook page, for example.

  • You'll see that they're asking for help.

  • Civil disobedience campaign was launched.

  • Healthcare workers and civil servants are expected to join.

  • What did I do?

  • Something.

  • The situation is our two free on Suzuki and the other government officials.

  • I just want to see a dialogue between the NLD and the military.

  • Dorsey has always stood by Nonviolence fight for democracy.

  • So we need to follow that Nonviolence was the policy we pursued before we achieve democracy.

  • And that worked to an extent.

  • We just don't want to go back to the dark old days people can endure and continue to fight for democracy and human rights.

  • Then we will succeed in the end.

We have been living in the dark for the decays already.

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