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  • that's aren't playing any defense it all again.

  • The Brooklyn Nets are the best offense off all time since the Harden trade, and they are the worst defense off all time since the Harden trade.

  • I'm talking.

  • Statistically, they give up the most points per 100 possessions off all times since the Harden trade, and they score the most points per 100 possessions off all time.

  • Since the Harden trade, the Clippers have been playing the best basketball in the n B A.

  • But what's funny about this?

  • And we all know it.

  • Anyone trust the Clippers when it matters most?

  • Because Kawai needs Paul George to be actually a better version of his normal self, right?

  • Cause Paul George a.

  • Nadie.

  • He's not James Harden those players a little better than him.

  • He's really, really good.

  • Those players a little better.

  • He's a 4.5 star player.

  • Those players are five star players, M v P level players.

  • That's not quite Paul George, so if anything, he needs to elevate under pressure.

  • But at the very least, for them to have a shot, he's got to stay the same dude.

  • He can't get worse and we all know that always happens to Paul George.

  • And until we see that change in the playoffs, does anyone trust the Clippers?

  • Meantime, the Nets have got to make a move by the deadline.

  • And if they do, and they figure it out on defense, even a little bit, get to be just a mid pack level defense of team, they're gonna have the best office.

  • Their offense is gonna get better than it is now.

  • That offense is scary.

  • Good, because you have three players never happened before in the history of the game.

  • Three players who could all do the following get their own shots at a historically elite level.

  • Kyrie, Harden and K D shoot from every level from outside mid range of hard.

  • Never took it mid range, uh, in the paint and from the free throw line at elite levels.

  • It's never happened before, and then the crazy thing is, none of them are the best shooter on the team.

  • Because Joe Harris starts on that team, it's gonna be the best offense off all time.

  • All they have to do is play mid level defense, but they've got to start doing it.

  • Richard from Manhattan.

  • You're on the Max Keller and show ESPN Radio.

  • Max the next gave up 48 points in the fourth quarter.

  • The Washington correct 48 12 minutes or in the corner.

  • Right, Max, that's four points a minute.

  • Follow me.

  • Each team has two possessions in a minute.

  • Four possessions a minute, roughly 15 seconds possession.

  • Correct.

  • That means Washington scored two points on every possession they had in the fourth quarter to get 48 points.

  • That means they never missed the shot.

  • 38 points?

  • Well, well, I mean, that's That's not exactly what that means, because you don't listen.

  • Yeah, but But you're right.

  • Just about it's like is, though.

  • They took a mid range jumper every time and hit it every time.

  • That's right.

  • It's true.

  • It's good math from Richard.

  • It was an atrocious performance and to give Kyrie credit after his non effort on the defensive, and he admitted it.

  • He owned it, but they listen.

  • They need a defensive rebounder, and Jeff Green as a four, works in the modern MBA at the five.

  • No, you need a guy even when they have decent defensive kind of sequences.

  • If they don't secure the defense of rebound.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • It doesn't mean anything.

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that's aren't playing any defense it all again.

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The Nets have to figure it out! - Max Kellerman reacts to Brooklyn’s struggles on defense

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