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actively involved in social media
how many of you
really know what social media is
that so many hands
what is media
any form of mass communication
its t_v_ radio
newspapers magazines
it's the soap box
with the man standing
in the middle of town squares shouting out to everyone
today we have a new cell box it's the internet
it's face book
you too
it's broads wikis
it's any form of mass communications
that will make your voice heard by the masses
we have
a new form of media
and this media
is social
it's interactive
very different from old media
that's also leaky to using your social media network
to make you a genius
my father was a wise man
he once told me in a father son chap
the secret to being a genius
is to know the answer
before they asked the question
the secret to being a genius
this turn of the incident
before they ask the question
you could have loaded five yeah
but five minutes ago it doesn't matter
all that matters
is that you have the answer when they needed
social media
we'll get you there
twenty six years ago
i started my career in computer science
back then
if i didn't know the answer
and the guy in the cuticle next to me couldn't get the answer
i didn't get the answer
ten years ago
there was a website
a knowledge base
and a discussion form
where people can post questions and other people could post answers
and i can tell you allot more people posted questions than answers
five years ago things started to change
that knowledgebase peru
more people were participating in that form
people or even blogging about the software
i started getting answers
three years ago
there was a silent explosions
and social media networks
i have over a hundred thousand people
as a second-degree connections in my linkedin network alone
now first-degree connection
is my friends
so a second every connection are their friends
and those people can connect to meet two five million more people
that's an amazing resource
today i get most of my information
i might and history
through tweets answerable archiver gators
my mom asked me
created what's a blog aggregator
and i said to her mom terms
mom it's a website
where i can go to one source
and find out what everybody else is talking about
and she says oru you mean like am ruth
yes ma'am i couldn't said it better myself
well with these thousands of connections that i have directly to other people in my industry
and through linkedin in that
face book and all the other connections
does an opportunity come up with a high can't answer problema or solve a problem or answer
a question
we all have these networks it's nothing new
it's just that today
the internet makes them more accessible and more visible
back in the eighteen ninety seven
those approval here for mankind
thomas young died back here
thomas john happen to be the last person
considered to know everything about everything
it's hard to imagine today anybody could know everything about one topic much less everything
about everything
so it's not so much about what you know anymore
but who you know
it's not about the knowledge you have
but they're not to have access to
i would hurt to ask the i_q_ of your social media network
soon they will come a day
when employers will consider
u_s_ social media network
in their hiring decisions
that there is already here
they are to look at your face book page
you linked in profile they read your blog
my blog has created opportunities for me that never would have happened
without the blob
social media
we would lose all that opportunity for genius
yet today with all of this
you aren't more brilliant than you could ever be as an individual
there's another thing that social media networks give you
and that is
the interns created equal for everybody
a friend of mine
was part of the birth defects
he has a hard time carrying on a normal conversation with someone infect people tend to shun him
on the internet people flock to read his blog
in my social network
i have among other people
many people i have executives senior executives from companies like i_b_m_
in fact
recently i was at another conference
and i happen to have a chance to meet one of them
and i walk up and introduce myself pieces align w_r_
i read your blog our
i'll be careful what i write from now on
but we all have that
at the beginning i mentioned
that social media is interactive
and a big part of that interactivity
is not
what can i get from them
it's also was like what can i give
it's all about sharing knowledge
today i contribute to those four hours
i comment than other people's posts of blogs
i have a blog of my own
the idea is
to help other people
to achieve their genius through their social media network
it's called sending the elevator back down
sending the elevator back down
so when i asked if you were actively contributing
to social media
i hope you'll consider that
and not think of it is just the former
of marketing
because really
social media and social media networks
are about liking
marketing has television is about commercials
that's my soap box
let's get social
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David Hablewitz - Using Your Social Network to Make You a Genius

938 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 16, 2014
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